6 Bollywood Movie Characters You Don’t Want to Date

It’s easy to spot a womanizer in the crowd but what about other types of men who can easily be equally destructive? How do you spot them and run far away from them? Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult. All you need to do is ask yourself if you are absolutely happy with what you have got going at the moment and are not settling for things in a way. If that doesn’t answer your question and you are still unsure about it, read this article to find out. We bring you a list of 6 Bollywood movie characters that will prove to you why it’s best to stay single rather than to date them.

Vijay, Queen – All about status
He's the status-driven lad who would fall for a pretty face and expect his girlfriend to ‘consult’ him before she takes any decisions in life.
Anshuman, Jab We Met – The arrogant kind
He is the guy you would have to think twice about before you take him to meet your parents. He is extremely proud, aggressive, and generally rude – the right combination for an explosive (not in a good way) relationship.   

Satish, English Vinglish – The male chauvinist
He is the married version of Vijay from Queen. The guy who is proud of his trophy wife because she's still got it, and not because she can achieve a lot more in life.

Aayan, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil – The clingy type
The close friend who never got the hint that it’s never going to happen.

Rahul Jaykar, Aashiqui 2 – The destructive one
The one who is so consumed by his vices that he would knowingly or unknowingly take you down with him. He is like the doomed Titanic.

Mahabir, Highway – Ever heard of Stockholm syndrome?
Not really relevant to most women but it’s worth a mention. He might be blessed with good looks which might make you go weak in your knees, but in the end, he is a gangster with a motive. If you want, you can call it an infatuation, but it’s definitely not love.