6 Bollywood Movies We Wish Were Adapted into Plays

We have seen movies adapted from theatre to the big screen. But is it possible to bring the magic from the screen to the stage? Feroz Abbas Khan would say yes. He has brought one of the greatest movies of all time to stage and we are in awe. Mughal-E-Azam has been running in Mumbai and Delhi for successful seasons. There was another musical based on a movie of a story as old as time – The Beauty and the Beast – which was pure magic on stage. After watching these plays, it is obvious to us that it is not impossible to bring movies to the stage and so we have prepared our wish list! Take a look here: 

The movie takes place in a single room and Rajkummar Rao's excellent acting skills have proved that you don't really need extensive production in a movie. With very little production involved, it can be performed on the stage, with the feeling of claustrophobia intensified with a live performance.

Hum Saath Saath Hain
We love a good family Bollywood movie. With a few edits, this classic will definitely make a welcome addition to the theatre scene, even with its large cast. 

Who doesn't love a good comedy of errors? This cult comedy will be a lot more fun if it is happening live. Again, a huge production is not needed for this one, but there ought to be plenty of space for the audience members, who will fall off their seats laughing.

Adaptation - BookMyShowThrillers on stage may be rare but they are not unheard of and this one is sure to send chills down everyone's spine. The movie takes place in a single house, which means it can happen on stage.

This one is truly one of the best love stories of Bollywood. We would love to watch the court battle live on the stage as one lawyer fights to reunite two lovers.

A Wednesday
This crime thriller is known for its amazing dialogues, crisp storyline and both the central characters are renowned theatre artists. It would be spectacular to see them battle their wits on stage.

Which movie would you like to see adapted on stage? Tell us in comments below.