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6 Indian Superheroes Who Deserve A Movie

While Marvel and DC continue to laugh their ways to the bank like their own characters (think Batman and Black Panther), there are other superheroes who don't get the love they deserve. For example, Raj Comics, which was founded in 1986 has not only created a variety of superheroes but also has the whole idea of teaming up of those very heroes that is so favored these days sorted. 

They could well be spoken of in the same breath as Avengers and Justice League (although lagging far behind). In all fairness, they are still new compared to Marvel and DC that were established over a century ago. But now that Bollywood is experimenting with superheroes, it would be ideal if they looked for inspiration closer home and picked up the Brahmand Rakshaks (The Protectors of the Universe) as their next mega project, which can give us an Indian comic-cinematic universe. If this is the first time you are hearing about them continue reading to find out more about them.

Super Commando Dhruv
Indian Superheroes - BookMyShowFounder of the fictional Commando Force in the fictional city of Rajnagar fights crime by day and by night too. His utility belt has an array of smoke bombs and tools, which help him to tackle goons any time. He has no superpowers apart from the fact that he communicates well with animals and birds, thanks to his childhood that was spent in a circus. This biker savior would be lovely to see on screen.

Indian Superheroes - BookMyShowThe very name gives it away that this superhero has something to do with snakes. You would not believe how much though. He has minuscule snakes running in his blood stream, which makes him invincible as well as highly venomous. Initially a for-hire assassin, he underwent a transformation and started eradicating the world of terrorism. He has exceptional healing capabilities and his wrists can shoot out snakes in any form he likes (they can be rope-like or like parachutes). A very Wolverine-meets-Spiderman in some twisted way, yes.  

Indian Superheroes - BookMyShowSuraj who had a traumatic childhood grew up to be Doga who is a sociopath and has taken the charge of eradicating organised crime from his city. He has a psychic communication with dogs, which helps him investigate his next target. He often team ups with other superheroes and helps them out in their missions. There were talks of Anurag Kashyap helming a movie on Doga. It was even reported that actor Kunal Kapoor might play the character. Not much happened thereon. It would be quite an awesome idea though.

Indian Superheroes - BookMyShowParmanu is Vijay in a suit, which gives him extraordinary superpowers like super speed and the ability to shoot bombs from his chest. Initially, these actions had elaborate buttons and a control panel but in the later issues they all became voice-controlled making him more efficient in the battle.

Inspector Steel
Indian Superheroes - BookMyShowA cyborg who has X-ray vision and is hell-bent on erasing the very existence of crime in the world. One of his arms also doubles as a lethal mega gun. His mechanical body makes him almost invincible to regular weapons.

Indian Superheroes - BookMyShowHer powers are a divine gift granted to her at a time when she needed them the most. She stands up for women all around the world and anyone who dares harm a woman is immediately vanquished. She can travel at the speed of light and bend any metal to her will. She can also use her third eye to burn a person. 

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