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6 Movies Based On Plays

A popular filmy dialogue, which says that life is all about entertainment could not be more right. As we fall into a routine, there is only entertainment which keeps us going. We are surrounded by countless forms of entertainment. It can be listening to music on your way to work or even while you are working. It can also include watching a performance or a play over the weekend. If you are not a passive-observer, it can also be playing sports. 

Theater is perhaps one of the oldest forms of passive entertainment. Since the time of kings and way before that we have heard stories of people gathering to watch theatrical performances. Even after all these years, when it comes to entertainment, there is something enigmatic about theater, which keeps us wanting for more. In recent times, theater has also moved to the big screens. There are a lot of plays available on CDs. Did you know that a lot of plays have also being adapted into Bollywood movies? We are just not talking about the Shakespeare series by Vishal Bhardwaj or Romeo and Juliet's adaptation by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, there are many more and we have listed some of them for you.

OMG! Oh My God
Plays - BookMyShowThis movie created a storm with a logical approach towards God and religion, which made sense and it didn't take long for people to like the movie. Long before the release, this movie was a Gujarati play starring Paresh Rawal and was called Krishan Vs Kanhaiya. We are glad this amazing concept was translated into such a lovely movie.

Super Nani
Plays - BookMyShowStarring Rekha and Sharman Joshi, this movie didn't fare very well at the box-office. The play Baa Ae Mari Boundary on which this movie is based on the other hand had done very well. It is a simple story, which managed to capture everyone's heart and has been performed worldwide.

Plays - BookMyShowDirected by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, this movie is adapted from his own Gujarati play Andhlo Pato. It surely must have been an exciting experience to see this thriller play out on stage live. 

Waqt – The Race Against Time
Plays - BookMyShowThis emotional yet very funny movie stole our hearts at the time because of its simple story and wonderful execution. The movie is based on the Gujarati play Aavjo Vhala Fari Malishu by Hats Off Productions and is one of the gems that deserved to be translated on screen.

The Last Lear
Plays - BookMyShowThis Amitabh-starrer gem drama was based on Utpal Dutt's semi-autobiographical play Aajker Shahjahan. The movie was made in English and has won accolades from critics and even a National award.

All the Best
Plays - BookMyShowThis Rohit Shetty-movie is based on the equally hilarious Marathi play Pati Sagle. If you think watching this comedy of errors was fun on screen, know that the hilarity was doubled when performed on stage.

Theater might be an old art form but it proves time and again that it has a lot to offer. Have you watched all these plays? Do catch them if they come to your town or maybe watch these movies again.