October might just be Varun Dhawan‘s best work so far and going by the glimpses we’ve seen, we have fallen in love with him all over again. As Varun moves away from the shades we’ve seen before, we see Shoojit Sircar and Juhi Chaturvedi craft a beautiful love story unlike the works of Piku and Pink. The gorgeous Banita Sandhu graces the screen for the first time and looks effortless.

There is so much that goes behind the scenes and a few stories you have to know before you watch the movie:

1. Varun slashed his fees in half to be a part of the movie


Varun Dhawan is the most viable and bankable actor amongst the young actors. He wanted to be a part of October and there were budget restraints, so he reportedly decided to take half of his fees for the movie.

2. The movie was shot in 38 days


October was shot in Delhi and Manali in a span of only 38 days. This is what Ronnie Lahiri, the producer said

“There is not much gap between shooting and the release as we did not want to delay the release as we have a good film in our hands and there is no point in waiting.”

3. Banita hired a Hindi tutor


Debutant Banita Sandhu hired a tutor to learn Hindi for the film. Banita hails from London and had a year to prep for the movie. She was the first to be on board for October.

“The film was offered to me a year before it was shot so I hired a Hindi tutor. I was learning the language along with my normal university classes. Learning a language like Hindi, when you live in London and people around you speak in English, it is very hard to pick it up.”

4. Deepika Padukone dropped out of the film

deepika padukone

Although, it would have been a treat to watch Varun and Deepika share screen space. According to sources, she opted out of the project because October’s story focused more on Varun’s character.

“The film revolves around Varun’s character. Primarily, the heroine’s role isn’t too lengthy in terms of screen time. So, I don’t think Deepika will be taking it up.”

5. Shoojit asked Varun to stare at a plant for 10 minutes every morning


As prep work, Shoojit Sircar asked the lead actors to meditate and listen to zen music.

My workshop for this film was not on the script. It was purely spiritual. I made them meditate. I taught them breathing exercises. When I asked him about his day, Varun said the first thing he does in the morning is to look at his phone. I said not on my film. I told him to stare at a plant for 10 minutes every morning. I gave them classical, meditation and zen music to listen to. Music also teaches you and takes out an emotion from you. The actors asked me what does this have to do with the  film? I said don’t worry about it, just feel it.

6. Guests at the hotel ordered Varun to clean their rooms


From washing toilets to cooking food to doing the laundry, Varun has done it all in a hotel for the film. The hotel they were shooting in had many foreign guests and they ordered Varun to serve them food and clean their rooms.

With what all has gone behind this movie, we can’t wait to see the magic Varun and Shoojit create with their first collaboration. What are your thoughts on October? Let us know in the comments below!