6 Times Sushmita Sen Was An Inspiration For Us Women!

When we think of a middle-aged, single women, our stereotypical mind wants us to believe that they are usually lonely and helpless. But that's obviously not true. Fierce, fabulous and independent is what the world calls them in the 21st century. Luckily, we have such celebrities who make this point loud and clear and inspire us to be like them. One such Bengali beauty who won the title of Miss Universe in 1994 turns 41 today. A mother of two, Sushmita Sen does not look anything more half her age. Let's talk more about how this gorgeous lady has been an inspiration for many women in our country.

Single. Independent. Happy.

Just like any other celebrity, Sushmita too has had her share of link ups and break ups. She has dealt with it and moved on. One reason why we love her a little more is that she proves it beyond a doubt that career-oriented women can be independent and happy without a man.

She sticks to her word.

Sushmita, in one of her rounds of Miss Universe 1994, said that she would want to do something for the children. A few years after winning the pageant, she adopted a young girl thus sticking to her commitment.

She is a fighter

Adopting a baby was not easy. She had to fight many court battles in order to get the custody of Renee. This lady fought till the very end persistently and managed to get the decision of the court in her favor.

Ideal single parent

A few years after Renee, she adopted another girl named Alisah and pampered the two with so much love and affection that they never missed a father figure around them. Not only does she make time to attend every function of the two girls but also makes sure she meets their every requirement.

She is extremely stylish and fit

Being a celebrity, a mother and being fit at the same time is not easy. Regardless, she manages to do all the three with immense ease. Not just that, the lady has style and class, which make her more attractive than she already is.

She is confident

In times where fair skin was given more preference, she won the Miss Universe pageant and since then has been carrying her dusky complexion with full confidence motivating other women to do so as well.

We wish this lady a very happy birthday!