Bollywood songs can make anyone get up and dance. We know that very well. Who doesn’t dance when ‘Chaiyya chaiyya’ plays? When the whole world can groove to the desi tunes, Hollywood is no different.

How many times have you heard a familiar tune in a Hollywood movie? The songs are carefully placed but we fail to remember them. We take you back to the moments when Bollywood music was played loud in Hollywood movies.

1. ‘Chalka Chalka Re’ and ‘Mujhe Rang De’ in Accidental Husband

mujhe rang de

Accidental Husband starred Uma Thurman and Jeffery Dean Morgan had a lot of desi tadka to it. The movie saw Uma’s character get married to Jeffery’s in a quite absurd way. There is an Indian wedding sequence in the movie and what’s an Indian wedding without nach gaana? ‘Chalka Chalka Re’ from Saathiya and ‘Mujhe Rang De’ from Thakshak plays in the background.

2. ‘Jaan Pehchan Ho’ in Ghost World

jaan ho pechaan ho

Ghost World dealt with high school students and their drama. ‘Jaan Pehchan Ho’ from Gumnaam plays in the Scarlett Johnson starrer Ghost World’s opening credit.

3. ‘Bombay Theme’ in Lord Of War

bombay theme

The Bombay Theme is yet another hauntingly beautiful creation by A.R.Rahman. The tune featured in Nicholas Cage’s ‘Lord Of War’s pivotal scene and it made the scene even more familiar. Even though, the tune was instrumental, while watching it being carefully placed in the movie is quite a treat for any Indian viewer.

4. ‘Chamma Chamma’ in Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

The iconic musical revolved around a poet who falls in love with a star performer of a musical. Indian viewers were surprised when the performers grooved to ‘Chamma Chamma’ from China Gate and boy, were we blown away.

5. ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ in You Don’t Mess With The Zohan


Bappi Da’s iconic number from ‘Disco Dancer’ was played in a fight sequence between Adam Sandler and a bunch of goons. Obviously, it was a laugh riot to watch.

6. ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ in Inside Man

Inside man

‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ from ‘Dil Se’ plays right after Nicholas Cage says his dialogue before the opening credits for Inside Man. ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ plays and we genuinely wanted to get up and dance.

7.’Mera Joota Hai Japani’ in Deadpool


When ‘Deadpool’ enters Bhipender’s taxi, ‘Mera joota hai Japani’ plays on the radio. We love Deadpool, this is just another reason to.

Are there other Hollywood movies that saw the cast groove to desi tunes? Let us know your favorite ones in the comments section below.