7 Funny Movies That Make No Sense

Movies, apart from being a form of art and expression, are also a mode of entertainment and a short escape from the real world. Bollywood movies have always been more inclined towards the entertainment quotient. Most Bollywood movies can be defined as a lot of genre-specific sequences with a supporting story. Say an action movie will have a lot of action and a plot to support the action sequences. Likewise, there are a lot of movies that are funny beyond expectations, although you are supposed to keep your brains in the back seat. When you come to think of it, these movies are pure nonsense but you would never think twice before watching them agaiin. We know there are too many of these crazy movies so we have listed the first seven that came to our mind:

Golmaal Series (2006, 2008, 2010)

Golmaal – Fun Unlimited is probably Rohit Shetty's funniest movie till date. With actors like Ajay Devgn, Arshad Warsi, Sharman Joshi, Paresh Rawal and a mute Tusshar Kapoor, it has been one of the funniest collectives. But does this movie and its second and third instalments have a story? Yes, they do. Just that they don't make much sense.
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All The Best (2009)

Although there were stars like Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn in the movie, we still remember Sanjay Mishra asking Dhondhu to chill. That's the beauty of All The Best. The movie is insanely funny, insane being the operative word.
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Style (2001)

Some might not accept it but almost everyone alive is guilty of replying "Kya re" to an "Excuse me" and of singing "Style me rehne ka" while wearing a cap. This movie marks the debut of Sharman Joshi and Sahil Khan as two jugaadu friends who do everything to have a fun college life. But what was the plot? Well, we didn't notice as we all were busy laughing.
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Baadshah (1999)

Remember when the Baadshah of Bollywood played Detective Baadshah in the movie Baadshah? This movie starring SRK and Twinkle Khanna had a peculiar sense of humor, especially because of Johnny Lever. The movie had a hint of sequences inspired by many Hollywood movies. The story revolved around Baadshah the detective, but what was the story?
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Welcome (2007)

Welcome, a movie where the chemistry of Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor is more praised than that of the lead pair. The film was full of actors with peculiar characters and their perfect comic timing. You cannot forget the "subah se na hi ek aalu bika hai, na hi bika hai aadha kaanda" scene, but you can definitely forget about making sense of the plot.
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Housefull Series (2010, 2012, 2016)

When filmmakers start pumping comedy in movies, a film like Housefull is made. Right from Akshay Kumar's panauti character to the laughing gas replacement, the film made us fall off our seats with laughter. Also, Arjun Rampal looked so good that the movie didn't need anything else, except, well, a sensible story.
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Dhamaal (2007)

An ensemble of broke people who make their way from Mumbai to Goa in search of a treasure that belongs to a rich man, who's dead. It is not an easy job to get nonsensical comedy right but this is one of the rare movies that got it right with the help of actors like Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Javed Jaffery and Riteish Deshmukh.
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There are many movies that can make it to this list, from Hollywood as well as Bollywood. Which is your favorite nonsensical comedy movie? Let us know in the comment below.