87 years ago on this very date, the iconic socialist revolutionary, Bhagat Singh was hanged to death. Bhagat Singh was merely 23 when he was hanged and even though, he was very young, he left thousands of Indians ignited with fire for independence.

bhagat singh

Bhagat Singh not only inspired people during that era but also inspired filmmakers to bring his character to life again through the camera lens. Bollywood has made numerous attempts to bring this young freedom fighter to life on the big screen and here are the actors who made their contribution by playing his part.

1) Prem Adib 

prem adib

Prem Adib was the first actor to play Bhagat Singh’s role in a long forgotten movie called Shaheed-E-Azad Bhagat Singh in the year 1954. The movie was made 23 years after we lost the revolutionary Bhagat Singh and was naturally a box-office success.

2) Shammi Kapoor 

shammi kapoor

Made nine years after the first Bhagat Singh movie, the audience loved Shammi Kapoor as the revolutionary freedom fighter in ‘Shaheed Bhagat Singh’. It was a nice change for the audience to see the ‘Yahoo-ing’ Shammi as a freedom fighter but the movie failed to make an important mark at the box-office.

3) Manoj Kumar 

manoj kumar

This was probably the first most popular movie that showed the struggle behind the fight for freedom and Manoj Kumar as Bhagat Singh in ‘Shaheed’ was by far one of the most promising roles he ever played. The movie won three National Awards when it was released in the year 1965.

4) Sonu Sood

sonu sood

2002 was the year when Bollywood’s obsession with the freedom fighter was at its peak and three movies were released back to back depicting the life of Bhagat Singh. The first movie was ‘Shaheed-E-Azam’ starring Sonu Sood as Bhagat Singh and despite the tremendous efforts, the movie failed to make a major impact on the box-office.

5) Bobby Deol 

bobby deol

Following the release of Sonu’s movie, came ‘Shaheed’ in the same year where Bobby Deol played the character of Bhagat Singh accompanied by his brother Sunny Deol who played the character of Chandrashekhar Azad. The movie was produced by Dharmendra and even though it was a box-office disaster, it was acclaimed critically.

6) Ajay Devgn 

ajay devgn

This was certainly one of the best ‘Bhagat Singh’ movies ever made and Ajay Devgn was praised for his performance by the audience and the critics alike. The movie was directed by Rajkumar Santoshi and was written by Piyush Mishra along with Anjum Rajabali. The music that was given by AR Rahman was equally a success and the movie went on to win 2 National Awards and 3 Filmfare Awards.

7) Siddharth 


Superstar of South India, Siddharth played the character of Bhagat Singh in Aamir Khan’sRang De Basanti‘ in the year 2006. The movie was a very youth-oriented movie and Siddharth managed to pull off the character with extreme perfection, creating awareness about the freedom struggle within the new generation. His dialogue ‘Meri Dulhan Toh Azadi Hai’ won hearts all across the nation and was acclaimed by both the audience and the critics.

It has been 87 years but the struggle of this iconic freedom fighter will always remain in our hearts!

Who do you think would do justice to Bhagat Singh’s role if Bollywood decided to make another movie on the struggle for freedom? Share your views with us in the comment section!