If You Like These 7 Movies, You’ll Definitely Like Tumhari Sulu

Vidya Balan is known for carrying her movies on her own shoulders. She became the face of women-centric movies in India way before Kangana Ranaut came to fame. The Padma Shri awardee has always been acknowledged in the media as the person to change the concept of a heroine in Bollywood. Vidya's next movie Tumhari Sulu is releasing this week and everyone is super excited.

There are a lot of other movies releasing this week and we bet you all are confused about which one to watch first and which one you can skip. So here we have a list of films like Tumhari Sulu that will help you decide why Tumhari Sulu should be your priority:

English Vinglish (2012)

Shashi, a housewife, strives for the respect she deserves. She often endures slights just because she couldn't speak English. On a trip abroad, she takes up English classes and learns the language. Shashi takes up the responsibility to learn English while fulfilling all her duties, is similar to the life of almost every housewife. Tumhari Sulu traces the life of one such housemaker who aspires to do much more than just her household work. 

Dhanak (2015)

Pari, who is a fan of Shah Rukh Khan believes that he can help in getting Chotu's, her younger sibling, eyesight back. One day Pari leaves the house with Chotu to meet SRK. Pari at such a tender age takes care of her brother like a mother and can go to any extent for his happiness. Tumhari Sulu also withdraws the stereotype attached to the age and state of a woman to work. Sulochana starts working at odd hours even after being a mother and nails it.

Highway (2014)

Just a day before her marriage Veera is kidnapped. After getting over the initial horror of abduction she discovers an adventurous and liberating life. After this experience, she goes on to live a life she always wanted and realizes that it is okay to function differently. Sulu also grabs the opportunity to become an RJ even if it was not something everyone would appreciate, she tries to make the most of her life while she can and doesn't regret anything.

Ishqiya (2010)

A man and his nephew fall for a kidnapper's widow Krishna while they are on a run, wherein she woos them for her own secret goal. While all three of them try to get their work done, many things unfold and graves are uncovered. Krishna might be a seductress and mischevious but only till it is fun, she takes no crap what-so-ever. Sulu is similar too, she entertains people during her late night bhabhi wala show and yet has a slick counter for anything inappropriate coming her way.

Queen (2014)

Rani is an under-confident girl from Delhi who decides to go on a solo trip to France after her fiance calls of the marriage. On the trip, she realizes he worth which makes her self-reliant and above all, self-confident. The way she breaks free from her mundane life and chooses the path towards a better self is what makes this movie similar to Tumhari Sulu.

Khubsoorat (1980)

The movie revolves around Nirmala Devi and family and her strict rules and regulations until Manju comes into the picture. Manju comes to her house to stay for a bit and changes the way the house functioned. Sulochana is also a spirited and enthusiastic woman who wants more from life than just a routine that the world follows and what is "expected" out of her. She believes in changing the norms and creating her own rules.

Nil Battey Sannata (2016)

Chanda, a school drop-out, works four jobs to makes sure her daughter passes school with good grades while her daughter finds studying redundant. Chanda even joins Apu's school to make sure she studies properly. Chanda is the kind of woman who intends to bring a change in the society and breaks norms to make sure her daughter achieves what she couldn't. Sulochana is similar to Chanda, she is open to change and bend norms to achieve what she wants, for herself and for her family.

The women, regardless of their age, in all the movies above took charge for the betterment of their lives and the people around them and Tumhari Sulu is also about a woman who takes up her dream job knowing the challenges and changes it would make in her life.

Let us know which movie you like the most in the comments below and don't forget to read our review of Tumhari Sulu.