7 Reasons we Can’t Take Bollywood Villains Seriously

Villains have always made us cringe and feel intimidated by them. They are the figures we love to hate. There are times when movies are watched and awaited because of the villains in them, Suicide Squad can be one of the examples. But in Bollywood, the scene is different. Some of the most famous villains are not the scariest. Here villains are more iconic than dangerous. Especially villains from the movies that released a decade or two ago. There were special qualities of these villains that made them funnier and are far from a character someone would take seriously. Here, we have listed seven attributes that never let us take Bollywood villains seriously:

Fake Forced Laughs
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Remember Gabbar? Or how Mogambo laughed like a creep? While they thought they have mastered the art of evil laughing, today we still end up laughing back at them.

Pretentious names
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While on the other hand, we have names like Darth Vader and T1000 in Hollywood, Bollywood has Crime Master Gogo and Kesariya Vilayati aka Badman. Like, dude, if you are playing a villain isn't it obvious that you are a bad man? Why name yourself like that?

Token physical marks
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In Bollywood movies, there's this fetish about marks or moles that define a personality (which is not only limited to villains, surprisingly). And no, we are not talking about deadly tattoos or spine-chilling facial scars, these are marks like the one Teja has. Our villains, their marks are much simpler and funnier; a gigantic mole somewhere on the cheek being their favorite.

Peculiar costumes and make-up
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Having a set costume gives a character a unique identity, but making it shiny and shimmery is hardly going to work for a villain. Remember Mogambo? No matter how happy he was everytime he sad Mogambo khush hua, he still looked like a clown, and no, we are nowhere referring to the Joker here.

The not-so-justified back stories
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Either these villains are just born to be bad to people or they eventually choose to be, very rarely do they have a backstory to support their crimes and acts. Even if there is a back story, it is generally as funny as the villain himself.

Senseless one liners
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Every character has one famous dialogue that he is known for, but repeating-one-liners are generally elements added to make a comic character funnier. And taking in consideration the kind of one-liners these villains have – Nana ko na sunne ki aadat nahi hai and balma. Dude, seriously? Do you even realize that you are the villain of an entire movie?

Easy surrender
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It is known that the hero will defeat the villain towards the end of the movie. But the same villain who was plotting a world war and nuclear attack, starts begging for his life all of a sudden. Like have some jigra bro, how are we even supposed to be afraid of you if you do all this.

Do you also laugh at Bollywood villains like we do? Let us know what else makes you laugh at them in the comments below.