Throwback Thursday: 7 Times Bollywood Went Global

It's been over a century since Bollywood came into being. It is one of the largest film industries in the world with its influence reaching worldwide. While we might keep on criticizing Bollywood about the quality of movies when compared to Hollywood, there is no doubt that people around the world know of Bollywood. Right from its very first movies, Bollywood has been making a mark on a global scale. Don't believe us? We present to you a list of occasions when Bollywood first made contact with the rest of the globe and started trends that are still followed today.

The First Academy Award Nomination
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Every year, there is much debate around which Bollywood movie should represent us at the Oscars. Do you know which was the first one? It was Mother India (1957) which let the jury of the Academy awards and the people worldwide know the potential this film industry had.

The First Movie to be Shot Abroad
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Foreign locations are not something that's new to us. Sometimes only our songs take us to different locations. Sangam (1964), a movie which was known for its super-long duration was also among the first color movies. It also started the trend of going to a foreign location for a shoot. This movie was mainly shot in Switzerland and we all know who else is responsible for making Switzerland more popular.

The First International Award
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Seeta (1934) premiered at Venice Film Festival. The movie won an Honorary Diploma, which also made the director Debaki Bose, the first Indian director to have won an international award.

The First English Song

Bollywood songs are now a curious mix of English and Hindi. We also have a full English song in the movie Neal 'n' Nikki. But that is not the first movie to have an English song. Karma (1933) was the first movie to have been released in English and Hindi. And the English version featured "Now The Moon Her Light Has Shed" which was sung by Devika Rani.

The First Film Distributed Internationally
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Raja Harishchandra (1913) is the first full-length feature film. It is also the first movie that was screened at London and the profits were received on a percentage basis.

The First Indian in a Hollywood Movie
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Our actors and actresses have made a name in Hollywood. Sabu Dastagir was the first one to start the trend as a child artist. He featured in the 1937 movie Elephant Boy and also played the part of Mowgli in the 1944 version of The Jungle Book.

The First International Film Festival
It wasn't until the year 1952 when the first International Film Festival was held in Bombay. The fortnight-long festival started a trend of introducing us to the world cinema and inspired many more festivals like that.

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