7 Underrated Bollywood Movies One Must Watch

Watching movies for entertainment is good but watching the same stories again and again with only different characters can get boring. Bollywood lately has been recycling a lot lately, be it Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania which was the modern DDLJ or Suraj Pancholi starrer 'Hero,' the plot of which was inspired by the old movie with the same name. However, somewhere between the releases of these high budget movies are some low budget movies that we may not hear of but actually have a good story-line. Here are some of them for we'd recommend you watch if you're looking for something more than just drama.

Raghu Romeo



In order to protect his favorite actress, an employee at a strip club kidnaps her.  This 2003 movie won the Best Feature Film Award Of the Year.




This Vinay Shukla movie has won a total of five National Awards! The Shabana Azmi starrer is based on the true life of Santokben Jadeja.




The 82-minute film by Khosa, based on an orphan and his kite is extremely fresh to watch.




The concept of this movie is something you must have never heard of. Based on the cases of groom kidnapping in Bihar, this National Award Winning movie was praised by critics. 

Miss Lovely



The 1980 Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrer is a horror/thriller produced by Duggal Brothers. The movie also won a National Award.

Island City



The 111-minute long movie is an amalgamation of three short stories.  (You could read the full review of the movie here) Directed by Ruchika Oberoi, the movie was also screened at 72nd Venice International Film Festival.




A bunch of college students set out on a trip to the Himalayas in search of a drug called M Cream.  (You could read the full review of the movie here). The film received a grand prize at the Rhode Island Film Festival.