8 Bollywood Horror Movies That Were Actually Really Scary

Bollywood is mainly famous for commercial cinema and masala entertainers, but it is also true that the Indian film industry has given us gems in a variety of genres. While horror doesn't make for the best section of Bollywood, it does have a few movies that can keep you awake for nights and make you believe in curses and spirits.

Generally, when we think about a Bollywood horror movies we can only think of funny costumes, creaking doors, and a creepy looking housekeeper, but the following movies had none of that, instead only thrilling and scary stuff. Read on:

Horror Story (2013)
Horror movies are scary because people do stupid things when there's a ghost around but this movie revolves around a bunch of stupid friends who decide to spend a night at a haunted place. Things turn out to be really ugly and most of them end up dead.

Raaz (2002)
Inspired by What Lies Beneath, Raaz was every bit scary as the original. Shot at picturesque locations of Ooty, this movie gave the holiday destination a scary twist. The movie later became a franchise but the original still remains the scariest of all.

Raat (1992)
Considered to be one of the best movies of RGV, Raat is a supernatural thriller that revolves around a female who is possessed by the spirit of a kitten. The movie has become a cult classic now.

Veerana (1988)
Produced by Ramsay Brothers, Veerana was the horror movie of its time. Revolving around witchcraft, spirits, possession, and 
tantriks, this movie is creepy and scary. People might find it a little old school now (because it is now three decades old) but it is a must-watch nonetheless.

Shaapit (2010)
The Bollywood debut of Aditya Narayan along with Shweta Agarwal was a horror movie revolving around a curse. Aman's lady love Kaya has a family curse that will kill her if she gets married to someone. The movie has many hair-raising chills and a little logic too.

13 B (2009)
We have heard a lot of scary stories about people moving to a new place that was haunted. 13 B is one such story where Manohar (R. Madhavan) moves to a new flat with his family and a spirit starts communicating with them through television. With the perfect cast, strong script, spooky background scores and good camera work, this is a must-watch, but not alone…

Bhoot (2003)
Bhoot had its scary moments throughout the film. It was one of the last scary movies by RGV before he went on to make movies like AAG. The film revolves around a couple that moves to a new house (haunted of course) and drives one of them mad.

1920 (2008)
Loosely inspired by the cult classic movie – The Exorcist, 1920 is indeed one of the scariest movies by Vikram Bhatt. Laced by all the Bollywood cliches of a horror movie, the treatment of this film makes it a must watch (again, not alone).

With 1921 coming to theatres next week, we are expecting another addition to this list. What are your views after watching the trailer of 1921? If you haven't seen it yet, check it out now:

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