8 Bollywood movies that were actually 2 hour ads!

Product placement has become a part and parcel of all Bollywood movies today. Yes, we know Hollywood did it with Ray Ban Aviators in Top Gun and then with several others. And you’re surely thinking there’s nothing wrong in it. We agree. But subtle in-film branding and shoving the brands into our face, are two very different things. With the growing amount of brand sponsorship deals being broken, the day isn’t far when we’d all be watching a subsequent 3 hr commercials to Vicco Vajradanti in the theaters.

Here, we give you seven movies where brands became an important character in the story and it seemed like watching a painfully long commercial. 
This one had to be there. If only we were given a penny for the number of times we saw Coke or Pass Pass in this film, we’d be sipping Mojitos in Hawaii right now! The film is an extensive affair of red and white (Coke!) hoardings and people offering each other Pass Pass, which by the way, is kind of creepy even going by the standards of an early 2000s film. 
Lovely story. Super touching. Outstanding acting by all. But brand subtlety was not how this movie wanted to go down in Bollywood history! From ICICI Bank to Archies to TATA Tea! Yes, they did the whole advertising shebang! Heck, there was even a song on V-day inside a cafe?!
Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish series
Now Bournvita is our favourite too, but watching Hrithik say "Main toh sirf Bournvita peeta hoon" in the movie definitely shot Mr. Subtle in the head. And then came the Krrish series – almost like a beautiful filmy tapestry of brand advertisements. Psst… we hear people played ‘spot the brand’ drinking game to the third sequel. 😛 
Apparently pretty girls need lots of make-up. And they had it in Aisha. Galore L’oreal products lined Sonam Kapoor‘s bed room. And then there was that cute yellow Volkswagen Beetle that she drove around Delhi. Not very in-your-face, but the logo and color was hard to miss. 
Sony Vaio Notebooks, Blackberry Mobiles, Audi Q7, and we were even cool with the Tupperware! But then they went ahead and even advertised Salman Khan‘s Bodygaurd, Shera‘s security company!  
Mary Kom
This movie had close to 20 brand associations. Starting from TATA salt and Havmor ice cream to Sugar free and Iodex. Mary Kom highlighted all the brands it took on. Sadly, the filmmakers failed to realise that they diluted the real brand (Mary Kom), with these ad associations.  
Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara
First of all, the movie is a tourism ad for Spain. Now, if you make peace with that fact, we just couldn’t understand why would anyone go to Spain and then ditch Sangria pitchers for cans of Mountain Dew! Sadly, that happens when you have sponsors! 
Mere Dad Ki Maruti
This one is on this list because the understated title of the film doesn’t leave any scope for guessing! 😛 The script was probably written by the Marketing team at Maruti for the promotion of their car.
Let us know which brands you’d like to see in movies, and maybe we can pass on the message!