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8 Bollywood Suspense Movies You Should Not Miss

Unlike other movie genres, when it comes to suspense movies, audience reactions are usually in two extremes. Either it's a great movie or its not, there is no in-between. The single-most deciding factor is the suspense of the movie and its predictability. While watching a movie, the audience already their own theories about the big reveal that is to come. If the movie manages to throw all of their notions for a toss resulting in a climax that surprises everyone, it leaves the audience impressed and they can always watch it again looking for hidden clues, which might have been missed the first time. Here are some Bollywood movies, where we absolutely did not see it coming. Spoilers await those who haven't watched these movies. You have been warned.

Suspense - BookMyShowPerhaps one of Bobby Deol's most-remembered movie. This seemed like a love triangle within a murder mystery until the killer's identity was revealed, giving a whole dimension to the term crime of passion.

Suspense - BookMyShowA crime-thriller suddenly turned into a supernatural crime-thriller in the dying moments of the movie. 

Suspense - BookMyShowVidya Bagchi's (Vidya Balan) search for her husband gets her involved in a scheme of things, which could prove fatal for her. The movie kept its audience at the edge of their seats raising the standards for future movies.

Special 26
Suspense - BookMyShowA pretty straightforward movie (or was it?), this one was based on true events. We did not expect major revelations towards the end but obviously the film maker had something more up his sleeve and it was executed well.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa
Suspense - BookMyShowIf there is anything this movie teaches us, it is to not judge a book by its cover. With the trailers and the first half of the movie, this movie seemed like a comedy-thriller, but we totally weren't ready for the chills that awaited us.

36 China Town
Suspense - BookMyShowOne murder, about a dozen suspects with motives and means. Sounds exciting? Doesn't it. There is room for about a dozen theories and some more. But the big reveal is well-performed and it certainly is not what we were expecting.

Suspense - BookMyShowAn Abbas-Mustan movie has its fair share of secrets waiting to be revealed. And just when you think there could not be any more secrets you are left surprised.

Suspense - BookMyShowOne serial killer on the loose and a woman lets in two strangers into her home. Something sinister is going to happen and if you haven't watched this yet, know nothing will prepare you the reveal.

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