Movies come with a destiny of their own. While some work well at the numbers, others get critically acclaimed. Some get the best of both worlds, making good money and getting the public appreciation they deserved. No matter how good or bad the movie might be, there are some scenes that happen with all the right things coming together at the right time. The movie might not stay but those scenes do. Here are 8 recent Bollywood scenes that were bigger than the movies they were a part of.

1. Tara meets Ved- Tamasha

As Imtiaz Ali rightly said, it took a few years for people to understand Tamasha and quite a few watches to finally fall in love with the movie. But the scene where Tara comes to apologize to Ved, for unintentionally triggering a ‘complex’ in him stands out of the entire film. The scene has all elements of hurt, selfless love, desperation, and cruelty, coming together to create something as powerful as this.

2. Ayaan confesses to Alizeh- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Unrequited love and the pain connected to a heart single-handedly beating for someone else is what comes in full gusto in this scene. Especially when Ayan, who has finally gotten a taste of what ‘Pyar Ka Dard’ feels like, shows it to Alizeh, by picking up the pot and placing it on and off his chest.

3. Sridevi vents out her anger and hurt with Laurent- English Vinglish

The beauty of sharing feelings despite a language mismatch comes alive with this scene when Sridevi vents out her anger for her children taking advantage of her weakness, as Laurent walks patiently with her. Even the script dialogues such as “Yeh kaise maasoomiyat hai, jo har kadam pe hamari kazori ka fayda uthati hai?” nudge you deep in the heart.

4. Tanu and Manu fight in mental hospital- Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Is it the performance/ dialogue delivery of two fine actors or was the scene so brilliantly written that it still leaves us laughing in splits. Tanu and Manu’s fight in front of the doctor at the very start of the film was powerful enough to lay a backstory for the entire film. Through subtle touches of sarcasm like, “Is hisab se to duniya ki saari auraten bipolar hain” to a wife’s whims like “I love him like a homo sapien” to a husband’s woes, “aakhri baar bhaidooj ke din hua tha sex” the scene clicked well with both ends of a marriage.

5. “You just need to break the monotony”- Tanu Weds Manu Returns

There had to be a mention of this one when it comes to best scenes ever. Tanu, being Tanu, comes with a towel wrapped around her to lecture her sister about marrying someone out of boredom. “You just need to break the monotony.” And we love every bit of this scene!

6. Shaurya movie’s climax scene- Shaurya

Where does one draw the line between what’s right and wrong? The last scene of Shaurya, a movie about an unjustified court-martial would get anybody goosebumps. And kudos to Kay Kay Menon’s performance.

7. Bhashkor finds a knife in the car- Piku

Not only was this one scene a difficult one, as per Shoojit Sircar, but this was a highly improvised sequence. Bhashkor finds a knife in the car and is adamant to not move until the knife is thrown away. The clash between two modern youngsters with an old stubborn soul is bigger than the wide angle taken at the end.

8. Alia Bhatt’s take on parenting- Dear Zindagi

Be it Alia’s powerful performance at the end of Highway or this subtle lecture on parenting during Dear Zindagi, the SOTY girl has raised the bars. This particular scene stood out of the whole film with the character justification of the entire cast and the story itself sitting strong on its shoulders. The dialogues were well written, well delivered and an unheard and powerful take on parenting was delivered in no time.

Though these movies were equally amazing, we would never forget these scenes for the beauty they had!