As times have changed, so has Bollywood. With appreciation for content and technology, the creators have changed too. The audience has started making things easier for the creative minds in Bollywood, they only appreciate good content.

There were elements that defined Bollywood movie but they are not seen in movies nowadays. We’re glad that times have changed for the better. Here are some of the elements we no longer see in Bollywood movies.

1. Ramu Kaka

Ramu Kaka

There is no Ramu Kaka on screen anymore, there is no melodramatic sequence on the domestic help being a part of the family. There is no track that shows a Ramu Kaka taking care of the family or the kids being attached to him.

2. Joint Families

hum saath saath hai

The buas, the chachis, the mamas, the mama ke bhai ka bhatija, we no longer see them in movies, do we? There are no more joint families, rather we have seen dysfunctional families in movies like ‘Kapoor and Sons’ and ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’. Bollywood has finally accepted that families are not all mob flashes and cooking food.

3. Sad Piano Guy At Parties

sad piano

Parties always had this one man who sits with a glass of whiskey on the piano and he sings this extremely depressing song out of nowhere. We wonder who thought of this idea and why. Why would you ruin a party for everyone?

4. Sarson Ke Khet


There is no running in the sarson ka khet after realizing that you’re in love. We don’t see people going around and singing songs in mustard fields. There are no dedicated songs to fields anymore. There are no Raj and Simran running towards each other and singing songs.

5. Villain’s firangi sidekick


“Hum tumhara khoon pee jaayega”

Did you or did you not read that in an accent? There used to be a larger than life villain in Bollywood movies along with at least one firangi sidekick. There used to be a staple dialogue and then they used to beat up the hero.

6. Suhaag Raat

kabhi kabhi

There is no ‘doodh ka glass’ kept on the table or there are no flowers on the bed or the bride sitting on the bed. We see nothing of that sort nowadays, do we?

7. Singing songs through the phones

main yahaan tu wahaan

There was this thing people used to do, they used to sing songs over the phone, mind you, landlines, not cell phones. Then when the phone used to fall or disconnect, they used to continue singing with utmost dedication because it really doesn’t matter if the phone gets cut, the song must not cut.

 8. Elaborate villains


We don’t see Gabbars and Mogambos anymore, do we? There is no villain who sits in his den/lair. He doesn’t deliver dialogues like ‘Main tumhara khoon pee jaaunga’. There is no villain planning an attack or sending his men to bash up the hero.