Everyone’s aware of the legend that is Rishi Kapoor. From winning a National Award for his first film as a child actor (Mera Naam Joker) to being awarded a Filmfare Best Actor Award for his debut movie Bobby, he has proved his mettle time and again. In his time, he was the hero every lady wanted to romance and his chocolate boy looks made many swoon over him. But it is after the year 2000 that we got the opportunity to see the real potential of this versatile actor. After doing 92 movies as a romantic hero, Chintskap moved to supporting roles and he gave performances that dominated the entire movie regardless of the screen space.

Rishi Kapoor, till now, has been a part of nearly 150 movies. And on his 65th birthday, we will tell you about eight of our favorite roles from the birthday boy’s phenomenal work lately.

1. Do Dooni Chaar (2010)

It is hard to imagine anyone from the Kapoor family as a common middle-class person who’s income just takes care of the basics in a family. In Do Dooni Chaar, he portrayed the role of Santosh Duggal, who was a school teacher with dreams of having his own car. He owned the character and were praised by critics and audience alike.

2. Student of The Year (2012)

Dean Yogendra Vashishth wasn’t only the principal of an institution, he was a friend and a guardian. He was openly fond of another male character and he carried that role with so much poise. If people laughed at him, he laughed along and yet he was also respected by everyone. With such a layered character, Mr. Kapoor did a great job with such finesse and grace that you cannot picture anyone else on this role.

3. Agneepath (2012)

Rishi Kapoor’s character in this movie was Rauf Lala but the first choice for this character’s name was probably Khauf Lala. He played an underworld don who owned a meat business and simultaneously handled drug smuggling and prostitution. He was creepy, scary, and deadly; in one word – fantastic!

4. Chashme Buddoor (2013)

Mr. Joseph Furtado is unlike the deadly villain, a middle-class teacher or an underworld mafia he has played before. In this movie, Rishi Kapoor played a chilled out, laid back gentleman in his 40s, trying to find love again. Sweet, isn’t it?

5. D-Day (2013)

It is quite evident that the character of Iqbal Seth Aka Goldman is loosely based on Dawood Abraham. For whatever little is out there about this underworld don, it must be quite difficult to adapt to it. In this one, you can tell who Rishi Kapoor was playing just by his looks. Do we need to say more?

6. Kapoor & Sons (2016)

Amarjeet Kapoor aka Daadu’s character was nothing but hilarious. A nearly unrecognizable Rishi Kapoor must have had a lot of fun playing such an amazing character. He is a grandpa who is 90+ years old, he fakes his death all the time, likes to surf the internet on his iPapad and is simply funtastic.

7. 102 Not Out (2018)

Exactly opposite to his character in Kapoor & Sons, Babulal Vakharia is a 75-year-old son of a 102-year-old dad and they live together. Unlike his dad (played by Amitabh Bachchan), he has accepted the fate of his old age and has stopped living the life. This one is another example of his versatility.

8. Mulk (2018)

The latest of all his excellent work is Advocate Murad Ali Mohammed, who is accused of being a terrorist because of his nephew’s extremist ideologies and actions. His character here is a respected Indian citizen, a religious man, a lawyer, an uncle, a brother, a friend and a man of honor. He shuffles and focuses on each aspect of his character, with respect to the character as well as the Urdu diction. And it is not the only example where he has imbibed a character like that. Are we right or are we right?


Mr. Rishi Kapoor is an amazingly talented person and Bollywood is fortunate to have him as a part of the family. We wish him a very happy birthday!