There are many who might say that laughter is the best medicine and especially after long days, months, and what feels like years, you need something that brings a smile to your face. You can try watching some stand-up specials or even catch up on the latest episode of your favorite series. If ever you do feel like doing something different, you can tune in to your favorite TV streaming service and catch a movie. Bollywood comedies are available easily and you could watch a different one every day of the year if you choose. To get you started, we have chosen the best Bollywood comedies for the nights you want to just chill, munch on popcorn, and laugh with your loved ones.

Bheja Fry 2

Some people are born to get on your nerves, not necessarily due to any fault of their own. Bharat Bhushan (Vinay Pathak) is one such person. He carries his life stories along with him and a photo album as well unless you start doubting. But he is definitely not someone you are going to call during an emergency.

Available on: Disney+ Hotstar

Andaz Apna Apna

You can never go wrong while watching this Bollywood classic. The movie has so many funny tropes that we can conduct a TedTalk about it. It only gets better with each watch.

Available on: Netflix

Chennai Express

Stereotyping and cultural appropriation aside, this movie is genuinely filled with laughter. Changing the lyrics of popular Bollywood songs to suit the situation and that one time Mennamma (Deepika Padukone) kicks Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) is ROFL material alright.

Available on: Disney+ Hotstar

Hera Pheri

Kabira speaking” has become a part of our daily conversations and so has “Baburao ka style hai“. With the resurgence of memes about this movie all over the internet, this one is worth a rewatch.

Available on: Voot

Munnabhai MBBS

While we can’t give out ‘Jaadu ki Jhappis‘ as we wish, we can still see Munna (Sanjay Dutt) solving the most difficult cases with love. Should we hire him to get us out of this one?

Available on: Netflix

Malamaal Weekly

Lilaram (Paresh Rawal) sells lottery tickets and one day, a customer of his wins the lottery. Sadly, the customer passes away but not before informing multiple people that he has won a lottery. Thus starts the comedy of errors when everyone now wants a share in this lottery.

Available on: Prime Video


Talking about the lottery, we cannot forget Dilip “Choocha” Singh (Varun Sharma) who dreams about lottery numbers and his best friend Vikas “Hunny” Gulati (Pulkit Samrat) helps him decode them leading them on an adventure of a lifetime.

Available on: Disney+ Hotstar

Gol Maal

The original Gol Maal defined comedy of errors with moments which we use as memes even today. If you haven’t seen this classic yet, watch it now!

Available on: Netflix

The President is Coming

One of the finest satires in recent times, The President is Coming is based on a play of the same name where six participants compete to be known as the face of new India and eventually meet President George Bush.

Available on: Disney+ Hotstar

Start streaming these delightful Bollywood comedies right now and come back here for more movie recommendations.  Stay safe!