Just like the classics, the trend of remakes doesn’t seem to be getting old anytime soon. While Bollywood is known for looking at other languages and other countries for inspiration, there are many times Bollywood remakes its own classics. Some were like Agneepath and Ittefaq, which made us believe in remakes while some were unspeakable like Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag and Himmatwala. Because hits and misses are part of our lives, we do want Bollywood to revisit their archives and get us old movies in a new avatar. Imagine a modern-day retelling of timeless classics like Jaane Bhi do Yaaro or a 2020s rendition of “Teja main hoon, mark idhar hai.” We are all eagerly waiting for Coolie no. 1’s remake, and while we are waiting, there are other classic Bollywood movies we nominate to be next.

Andaz Apna Apna

You have probably spent the latter half of the 90s under a rock if you don’t remember this movie. The movie was not a big hit when it was first released but has slowly gained a cult following who love to live in those wonderful days. The story is about a comedy of errors which we have seen many times, but what makes this movie stand apart are the quotable dialogues. We would love to see what story they can spin with this film.

Jewel Thief

Bollywood has become larger than life with time and we are not complaining, but we would like a few stories which are much smaller in scale. We don’t need our spies hunting down terrorists in exotic locations or thieves using superior technology for their next score. Jewel Thief was an intense thriller with a lot of twists and mistaken identities. An Ittefaq—style remake of this movie will surely get us all queuing up in front of the theatres.

Amar Akbar Anthony

We have been trolling this movie for its physics and logic-defying scenes. In these times, it is essential to create a film that promotes brotherhood among all. We would love to see what exciting casting they can come up with to make this one.


A. R. Rahman is the once and future king of music. His ethereal music mixed with this heart-wrenching movie only made the experience more surreal. The film, under the direction of Mani Ratnam, explored the political scenario at that time. A movie on similar lines is something we need today.

Hum Aapke Hain Koun!

We have only one reason to ask for more of this movie – Tuffy. He was the one who saves the day while being a better judge of the situation than the rest of the family put together. The movie has songs that go with every occasion and sanskaars that ooze out of all dialogues. What more do you need in times like these?

Chupke Chupke

We have had comedy of error-based movies but this is one of the original ones. With the rise of social media, it is more difficult to orchestrate something like this, and yet we would love to see a movie like this set in modern times.

Satte Pe Satta

There have been talks of remaking this movie, but nothing concrete has been announced yet. We have enough Bollywood actors to make a blockbuster out of this movie, and wouldn’t we love to see some of our favorite stars together once again!

We are sure you have a list of your favorite classic Bollywood movies that should be recreated for today’s times. Tell us in the comments and stay safe!