9 Different Kinds Of Valentines Bollywood Has Shown Us

Love is a beautiful feeling, isn't it? But that is only if it's mutual. As we all know, Valentine's Day is less than a week away and while all the fancy-shmancy celebrations are going on in full swing, let's shift the focus on lovers we've all seen or heard of at least once in our lives. Bollywood has shown us many love stories. The one thing that we have learned about love is that here are at least eight kinds of lovers. We've listed down all who we feel are a perfect example to fall in the 'Pyaar Aisa Bhi Hota Hai' category. Ready? Have a look.

The One-sided Lover
Imran KhanEk Main Aur Ek Tu


Despite being married to Kareena, the man could not woo her.  This is some next level one-sided love.

The Obsessed Lover
SRK – Darr

The 'Tum Sirf Meri Ho K K K….Kiran' kind of lovers exist, and not only in Bollywood. They're out there busy stalking and freaking the crap out of their objects of affection.


The I-will-die-for-you Lover
Aditya Roy KapoorAashiqui 2

This type is so intense and thinks that their life is only for the betterment of their partner's future and if that's not happening, they'd rather kill themselves; figuratively, of course.


The Chipku Lover
Ranbir KapoorADHM

This lover is a combination of intensity, one-sidedness, and needy vibes. Ranbir loves Anushka so deeply that it almost makes us feel bad for him in the end. But then why be so chipku in the first place?


The Possessive Lover
Arbaaz Khan – Daraar

Mental note to self – you can handle all sorts of lovers in this world except these. Because what if no train hits them in the end for you to be free?


The Reincarnated Lovers
Shahrukh Khan, Deepika PadikoneOm Shanti Om

These are the kind who would do just about anything to complete their love story. Even if it means taking birth once again. 


The Friendzoned Lover
Genelia D'Souza, Imran Khan – Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Amongst all, this one might be our only favorite, for the simple reason that nothing beats a relationship like Imran and Genelia in this movie. Kudos to Imran for making it out of the friendzone.


The Death-doesn't-do-us-apart Lover
Aishwarya RaiMohabbatein

Just because you died doesn't mean that your partner should move on. You can simply haunt them and accompany them as a ghost for the rest of their life.