Aa Gaya Hero Review: Govinda’s Comeback After A Long Time!

Govinda is a name to reckon when it comes to Indian Film Industry. Even though he was away from the big screen for quite some time, but he has returned with ‘ Aa Gaya Hero ’ and how! It was understood after watching the trailer itself that this bollywood actor is not getting old with times, like our 3 Khans. Slick comedy, his funny as hell facial expressions and the fluency of dialogues on screen is still a sure shot winner! Though the movie was on hold for the lack of distributors, it ended up releasing last weekend along with Beauty and the Beast and Machine.

This bollywood movie sends us back to the times of 90’s where action had no background and people used to watch it because of their favourite actors. Even though the trend follows even today when it comes to Salman, Shah Rukh or Aamir Khan but, Govinda was never a part of this league. Aa Gaya Hero is a typical Bollywood film with a bunch of villains, one hero who is a cop of course, action sequences, several songs and many eye candies which try lifting the movie and the unbalanced script. Director Dipankar Senapati has made a film with Govinda, but the script, production cost and story is just not upto the mark.

Fight sequences against the bad guys, typical Govinda dance steps and some unconventional dialogues are the things to look for but the question still remains, Do we want Govinda to do these kind of movies? He has always been the funny guy and even if David Dhawan is not making a movie with him, for some time we think he should stick to good scripts if not some great action. It is pretty evident that the film had a limited budget and therefore bad CGI work is not a surprise.

It is equally embarrassing with dresses, locations, film set where everything looks average. At certain points, the scenes resemble famous Indian TV show CID’s episodes. What stands out throughout the film is Govinda’s timing, his dance moves and his expressions which are as funny as ever. So if you’re planning to go just for Govinda or some nice performance by Ashutosh Rana and Makrand Deshpande, do visit the nearest theatres and book your tickets now.