We all have done crazy things in love, haven’t we? Well, seems like Aamir Khan is very much like us, in this regard.

In an old interview of Aamir, from November 2000, he reveals that he has had three or four rejections in life. And those broke his heart. It’s at this moment that the interviewer, Karan Thapar, asks Aamir about an incident where he shaved off his head after a girl dumped him. Aamir is initially taken aback, and asks Thapar how he knows this. But he goes on to accept that it is a true story.

In the interview, Aamir Khan also reveals details of his love story with his then wife Reena Dutta. Amongst other things, we come to know, that he even wrote a letter in blood to Reena. Now, this is an aspect of Aamir’s personality that we had no idea about!

Watch this rare interview here-

Just like the rest of us, Aamir too, has dealt with break ups rather impulsively.