Actors Who Do the Same Thing in Every Movie Poster

Let’s face it. Bollywood’s officially run out of ideas  and we’re rehashing the same old plots. For example, we see the hero fall in love with the heroine, but the heroine’s parents don’t agree, they send thugs to beat the hero up, the hero kills everyone for his love, and finally they live happily ever after. We’re all used to the remakes and plotlines being repeated, but here’s something we spotted recently. The posters for some actors’ movies are exactly the same. As if it wasn’t enough that the story was the same, now even the posters are the exact replicas! Scroll down to know more:
Shah Rukh Khan – Never smiles!
If you look closely, King Khan doesn’t seem to smile in any of his posters. Nevertheless, he always looks the part. But come on SRK, give us that million-dollar smile!
Aamir Khan – Looks straight into the camera!
When you take all of Aamir’s movie posters and put them together, one startling detail is revealed. He looks directly into the camera. While other actors use their side profiles and avoid looking into the camera, Aamir isn’t one to shy away from the lens! 
Hrithik Roshan – Looks into his heroine’s eyes!
Hrithik Roshan is a gifted actor. He’s also a gifted dancer and has one of Bollywood’s best bodies. And for that reason, the women are gaga over him. Look a little closely, and Roshan is always looking into the leading lady’s eyes!
Akshay Kumar – Always wears sunglasses!
Khiladi Kumar is a people’s man. He is also the master when it comes to looking like a boss on his movie posters. And he always wears slick aviators for his films! Check it out!
Sunny Deol – Is always ready for a fight!
If you look at most of Sunny Deol’s films, he’s always been the messiah for the oppressed. But take one look at any of his posters, and you’ll know that Sunny Paaji loves a good fight. He’s always ready for war, a good gunfight/fistfight or uprooting handpumps.
So there you have it, 5 actors who look the same in all of their movie posters! Let us know if you find someone else!