Akshay Kumar’s Poetry Slam With Popular YouTube Star Aranya Johar Is A First Of Its Kind

Akshay Kumar has been speaking about menstruation a lot, of late. Some would say that it is because his next film, Padman, revolves around the subject. But we appreciate the fact that at least a mainstream Bollywood actor has made menstruation a topic for conversation.

padman 1

And keeping up with the same, he has come up with a slam poetry, titled Bleeding Rani. Pairing up with slam poet Aranya Johar, Akshay Kumar speaks at length about the taboos surrounding periods in our country, and how we need to get over these age old myths. Aranya Johar, who is known for her fiery poems on women empowerment, also chips in.

We agree with a lot of things said by the duo in this poem. Truly, it is not a cause of shame, but a cause of pride. A bleeding woman signifies a woman who can give birth- the purest of all creations in the world.

Check out the poem here-