From Shanaya to Sehmat, Alia Bhatt has shown the world that there is more to her than what’s perceived at first. She is one of the most versatile young actors of Bollywood and the movies she has in her kitty right now only make this statement more strong and evident.


In a recent interview with DNA, Alia got candid about her career and choices in life and it just shows that Alia Bhatt is here to stay and inspire.

Alia stated how the main problem arises when you start believing that you ‘deserve this’. Her mantra to life is ‘If you deserve something, you’ll get it. One must stop trying to control things‘.

“I can’t let that affect my choices. I’ll neither undervalue nor overvalue myself because there’s a certain arrogance that comes along with it. Sometimes you do it for the right reasons, sometimes you don’t.


Bollywood is slowly warming up to the issue of pay-disparity among actors and actresses. While the hot debate around female actors not being paid at par with their male counterparts needs a prominent Bollywood spearhead, it also needs the often-overlooked perspective that Alia Bhatt has put forth.

On being asked in a recent interview with DNA about her views on the wage gap and how one should approach it, Alia said:

“Investing money in a film is directly co-related to the people you are bringing to the theatre. I’m not delusional that the same number of viewers who go to watch Varun’s movies will come to see my work. He has a wider reach than me. That’s why I can’t expect that the same amount of money, which is invested in his solo-starrers, is invested in mine, too. Also, it’s the subject that makes a film viable. We can’t be categorical about everything because every actor and movie is different.”


Alia’s maturity and seriousness towards her work are evident because of the fact that she believes her work has more emotional attachment than monetary attachment and she wouldn’t reject a film or accept a film based on the fee she is offered.

“Never say never, but I won’t let go of a movie that I like because of remuneration. I’ll find a way around it. I’ll still do it because the emotional attachment to my work is way more than the monetary one.”


The young actress is currently occupied with Ayan Mukherji‘s ‘Brahmastra‘ starring Amitabh Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor along with ‘Kalank‘ starring Madhuri Dixit, Sonakshi Sinha, Varun Dhawan, Aditya Roy Kapur, and Sanjay Dutt.


Alia is the millennial star icon that younger generations need right now more than ever. Alia Bhatt’s growth as an actor is a testimony to her talent. We hope to see more of Alia on the big screen leaving us amazed with her brilliant performances.