Anupam Kher’s 5 iconic roles

Anupam Kher is a legend. Known for his pensive eyes, quiet demeanor and consummate professionalism, he has become the image of the ideal Indian dad. From Bollywood to international films, he has done it all. This is a man who has been a constant tour de force in the acting fraternity. So on his birthday, lets pay homage to a marvelous gentleman actor. And let’s take a look at his amazing body of work. 
1. Cool Daddy: 
Anupam Kher was brilliant as Parminder Nagra’s dad in Bend it like Beckham. He played a father who just wants what’s best for his daughter. In the grand scheme of things, he realises that he was mistaken. Soon he jumps for joy as his daughter turns into a football god! Plus he looks good in a turban, don’t you agree? 
2. Grand-dad with a heart: 
Who wouldn’t want Anupam Kher as their grand-father or their godfather. He was amazing as Prof. Pradhan in Saaransh. Grieving for his murdered son, he decides to help a young single pregnant woman. Such is the calibre of his acting, that the movie was chosen as India’s entry to the Academy Awards. This was in 1984, when collect calling was still a thing and STD stood for Subscriber Trunk Dialing. 
3. Wise father: 
As Mr. Bakshi, Anupam Kher gave us an Indian version of Mr. Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. He was brilliant as the father who loves and lives for his family. He can stand the shenanigans of his wife but he does have a limit to his patience. In Bride and Prejudice, we got to see a man who understood the way Indian culture regards women and their roles. He made sure we understood a father’s plight, for a daughter is truly a treasure of a home. 
4. Daddy Money-bags: 
In Ikke pe Ikka, we have Anupam Kher as a rich widower. This is one of the places where Mr. Kher’s comedic genius shines through. He takes this character and runs with it. He decides to cut off his three wastrel sons and will only accept them, once they have settled in life. We all need a dad like that. Funny and simple, Ikke pe Ikka brought a cool papaji to the screen. 
5. Doctor Feelgood: 
Dr. Cliff Patel made us think and smile. Now if all our psychiatrists were as awesome as Anupam Kher, we’d be heading for a session right now. In Silver Linings Playbook, Anupam Kher made us think about our insecurities and our issues. By giving Bradley Cooper insight into his mind, Dr Patel shows that a friend and confidante helps. 
That’s the 5 most iconic roles of Anupam Kher. A man whose sheer dedication to the craft has led him to be one of the most noted and revered in Bollywood. If we can take one thing from his incredible life, it’s this – one must be true to oneself. Happy Birthday, Anupam Kher! We salute you!  

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