The Back-Up Plan: Alternate Career Options for Bollywood’s Bad Actors

To survive in Bollywood, an actor needs to be more than the son or daughter of a respected producer, director or actor. While average to good acting allows the actor to rule the hearts of the masses, bad acting makes sure they make rare appearances in films that are destined to bomb. So if any of these actors have a change of heart and decide to quit acting, we have an alternate career option lined-up for them. They can thank us later.

1. Abhishek Bachchan – Male Nurse

He’s got his father’s height and looks, but unfortunately none of his acting skills. AB Junior, however, is a very caring soul we hear. He will be perfect as a Male Nurse – a role he has already played in Dostana.

2. Harman Baweja – Hrithik Roshan’s Stand-in

This one is a no-brainer! Harman Baweja can stand to earn a whole lot of money simply by making appearances as Hrithik Roshan’s look-alike. He is sure to be a hit at children’s birthday parties and Ganpati mandals.

3. Zayed Khan – Mannequin

He’s got the perfect looks to make the ladies swoon. That’s until he tries to show off his acting chops. Zayed Khan is ideal mannequin material, what with the stylish attires and perfectly-styled hair. Another reason for the ladies to window-shop some more.

4. Tusshar Kapoor – Silent Movie Actor

The only time Tusshar Kapoor has made an impact as an actor, is when he had absolutely no dialogues. If there was ever an actor who could usher the silent era of films back, it is this guy!

5. Mallika Sherawat – Snake Charmer

Gorgeous – Check. Seductive- Check. Good Actor – Nah. Mallika Sherawat ruled the hearts of many a young boys after her debut, no thanks to her acting skills. She did prove she can hisssssss pretty well, and hence, snake charming is the perfect career option for this bombshell.

6. Fardeen Khan – Reflector for Photographers

Mirror Mirror on the wall! Who’s the fairest lad in B-town? Fardeen Khan has proved time and again that acting is not one of his strongest suits. On the other hand, he has a radiant face, which makes him an apt candidate for a reflector. His role is more important behind the camera than in front of it.

7. Kamal R Khan – Anger Management Counselor

You know how a former drug addict is the ideal person to tell others to stop doing drugs? Kamal R Khan can try to subdue his manic rage once in a while and try being calm. And once he has reached his zen, he can educate others about the same. As for acting, KRK is better off without it.

8. Himesh Reshammiya – Wig Manufacturer

Himesh Reshammiya has tried several hairstyles, nay, wigs for his many roles in Bollywood. On the contrary, he has tried just one expression for most of these roles. We suggest the composer-singer-actor starts his own wig manufacturing company. Plus, he’s totally got the surname for it. Or else, he can always go back to producing music – an art he actually excels at.

All jokes apart, we wish the best of luck to the these actors and hope that they surprise us with their next performance. And if they ever need to look for a back-up plan, we’ve got them covered.

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