Box Office Success - Suicide Squad

Trashed by Critics, Success at the Box-office

Movie making is, after all, a business. As much as directors of art/niche/festival films would like to disagree, a producer would only be satisfied if his film makes money. Receiving a nod of approval from the critics feels good, but not at the cost of a loss-making project. That’s why studios very often back films that seem to have the potential to perform well at the the box-office. Sign some big names, shoot at exotic locations, add some exceptional special effects and well, there are slim chances of this formulaic approach going wrong. Here are some films that absolutely prove this. They have been slammed by the critics but the makers laughed all the way to the bank.

Suicide Squad

While Marvel movies are getting all the appreciation, the same cannot be said about DC films. But who cares about the dismal critic ratings when the shows are running to packed houses, right? Suicide Squad, which was almost universally hailed as a terrible film, showed exactly how the plot doesn't matter. 

Fifty Shades of Grey

The book and the film were given a thumbs down but the former sold a million copies while the movie rocked the box-office. Even though Fifty Shades of Grey did not release in many countries, it still managed to earn around USD 571 million.

The Boss Baby

With a rating of under 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, this Alec Baldwin-starrer failed to impress the critics. However, The Boss Baby has set the cash registers ringing and is giving a tough fight to The Beauty and the Beast.


Salman Khan's movies are above reviews. His fans watch his films irrespective of how they are rated. Kick wasn't half as good as Bajrangi Bhaijaan or Sultan but it is still one of Bhai's biggest hits. 


Mohenjo Daro, which released on the same day as Rustom didn't particularly meet with favorable response and people actually expected Rustom to be a fab film. Unfortunately, Akshay Kumar was the only saving grace in the movie. But Rustom benefited releasing on the Independence Day weekend and earned more than INR 100 crore.