Bajirao Mastani: The love story of a warrior

"Bajirao ne Mastani se mohabbat ki hai, ayyaashi nahi."

These are the epic words that mark the conclusion of the first teaser for Bajirao Mastani. It’s safe to say that this dialogue is just as grand as the locales, costumes and… Well, everything we’ve seen in the teaser!

The first look at Bajirao Mastani answers some burning questions that fans have had for months. Though we were treated to character portraits yesterday, the teaser offers the first real look at the film and its characters.

Ranveer Singh is a sight to behold as Bajirao, the Peshwa whose marriage to Mastani caused a stir in history. Speaking of Mastani, Deepika Padukone is absolutely fierce as his beautiful and brave wife. Though we only get a few glimpses of her in the first teaser, she certainly makes her presence felt. Priyanka Chopra, who plays Kashibai, is just as beautiful and fierce as her co-stars… If not more!

We also get a sneak peek at the highly-anticipated dance-off between Kashibai and Mastani! We couldn’t be more excited!

But the actors are far from the only draw in the trailer, which is a visual delight from start to finish. The 3-minute teaser treats us to a war scene that is choreographed to perfection. Each move, each attack is as fluid and breathtaking as the world’s most dangerous ballet!

Combine that with the larger-than-life sets, costumes and the stunning cinematography; and you have a teaser that exudes more grandeur than most films! But how will the love story of this warrior fare against Rohit Shetty‘s Dilwale? Looks like we’ll find out in the most epic clash, this December. Until then, watch the teaser right here: