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The trailer of Varun Dhawan’s much-anticipated film October is finally here and unlike all his previous ventures, this one rides high on emotions and silence and less on grandeur. Varun Dhawan took to Twitter to share the glimpse of the world he lived with director Shoojit Sircar.

Known for his humane stories, director Shoojit Sircar takes his human interest stories to a space we’ve carefully avoided talking about in our films: hospitals.

october 3

In the trailer, Varun’s character, Dan, is seen working in a luxury hotel as a housekeeper cum laundry cum mosquito killer. He seems to have developed the fancy for Shiuli (Banita). The plot is thrown into a sudden twist and things soon escalate from heartfelt to straight up high-octane emotional.

I simply loved the trailer. Varun Dhawan as Dan seemed a huge contrast to the other characters he has previously brought on screen. The first time I watched the trailer, I simply couldn’t stop appreciating how beautifully it has been shot!

There is another thing that I noticed which was its similarity to Sadma.

Banita is barely given any lines and yet she speaks of her character through her eyes.

The way she felt about Dan was just simply expressed via her facial expressions. How similar it is to Sridevi’s role in Sadma?

Maybe not very but it’s the lead actor’s facial expressions in both the films that did the talking.

Nehalata and Shiuli, both suffer through a tragic accident and lose their memory.


Admittedly, the story and plot of the film wouldn’t be quite what we imagine them to be but we couldn’t ignore the fact that the two central characters of the film are connected through an intangible connection, the kind we saw earlier in Sadma, in somewhat a similar situation.

The rural setting which indirectly helps the character to heal.



The film is offbeat to the core and it’s refreshing to see Varun shed his commercial tag and enter into the nuanced and charming world of Sircar. October is set to release on April 13.

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