Behind the Scene Movie Videos

Behind The Scene Videos You Must Watch

Watching movies is a source of entertainment for everyone, but 90 percent of the population is unaware of what goes behind the camera. While they enjoy it onscreen they have no idea about the hard work behind every minor detail of it. Making a 2-3 hour long film is a process that can take as much as three months to 12 years. It takes more than passion and determination to even think about making a movie.
It’s an emotional, lovable, hectic, challenging and dramatic journey that requires a lot of effort and patience. Here are seven behind-the-scenes videos that you must see to know what went behind the camera while your favourite movie was being made:

The Jungle Book – Without a jungle

Kapoor & Sons – because gay means happy, too.

Dilwale – It was more than CGI

Fan – For all the fans

Nil Batte Sannata – Maths mein dabba gull

Neerja – The real Pan-Am copy

Bajrao Mastani – The tribute

Rocky Handsome – It takes a rock to be rocky

Baahubali – Long story short

These videos are a proof that shooting is not an easy job. But those efforts are paid off when everyone likes and appreciates it.