Best of Worst Hollywood remakes

Bollywood loves challenges. With slight tweaks, added drama and song-dance sequence Bollywood has been giving us pimped-up version of Hollywood movies. Some are good but most of them, just bad.

Here’s a list of  best of worst Hollywood remakes, we survived:

Bichoo -Leon: The Professional


This film can give you an instant migraine. A total rip-off from Luc Besson’s Leon: The Professional, Bichoo is loud and plain awful. In the Indian version, Jean Reno is replaced by Bobby Deol and 13-year old Natalie Portman is replaced by… Rani Mukerji. (PS: Please note the age difference). Combined with horrendous leather costumes, bad acting and a predictable story, Bichoo is a total howler with a truly atrocious love story.

Survival tip: Switch off the TV or change the channel, if the movie’s playing!
Abra Ka Daabra: The school of magic – Harry Potter/ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/ Casper


An award to the person who sat through the entire film. Abra Ka Dabra is probably the worst movie remake of all time. A mash of Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Casper – Abra Ka Daabra is what you get. Shanu, a sad lonely boy, wins a "Diamond ticket" to the school of magic – Abra Ka Daabra. Thanks to a good ol’ pack of Parle-G biscuit.  To make things more bizarre, there is Dumbledore-Snape look alike, played by a woman.  To add more, there’s a Casper with characteristics of Tinkerbell.
Survival tip: Get stoned and watch the film. Might help.
Papi Gudia – Child’s Play


Papi Gudia is a movie that mustn’t be missed. Inspired by Tom Holland’s epic thriller Child’s Play, Papi Gudia is plain silly. The films follows the story of Charan Raj, a psychopath whose soul gets inside a doll, Chucky… umm sorry, Channi. The comedy is unintentional and the movie is bombarded with songs and dance. Plus the doll looks ridiculous. A doll from the 80s with a pink cap on.

Survival tip: Watch it with a bunch of friends. Mental support is required as your brain will never be the same. Wrath of Channi, the papi gudia!
God Tussi Great Ho – Bruce Almighty



Oh God, why? We love Salman Khan. We love Amitabh Bachchan, too. But replace Jim Carrey with Salman Khan and Morgan Freeman with Amitabh Bachchan? No, thank you! God Tussi Great Ho is a perfect example why remakes shouldn’t be allowed. It is tacky, loud and is laced with bland humor. Salman’s floral shirts also fails to garner attention. An utter waste of celluloid.
Survival tip: Pray. May God answer your prayers.
Dil Bole Haddipa – She’s the man


Rani Mukerjee as an annoying sardar or Rani Mukerji as… Rani Mukerjee? What would you choose? But, yaay! You get both. Dil Bole Haddipa is a fest of cliches! Perhaps, cricket is the only feel-good factor in this movie. The films seems immensely contrived with a rather awkward love story.

Survival tip: Bucket of popcorn should do the trick. Oh yes! There’s Shahid Kapoor too, eye-candy.

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