Biggest Blockbuster of 2016 – Dangal or Sultan?

Two of the biggest releases of Bollywood in the year 2016 were coincidentally based on the same theme. The former stars the Dabangg Khan and the latter is led by the perfectionist of the industry. Little wonder everyone has been talking about Sultan and Dangal.

Salman and Aamir generally are seen in entirely different kind of cinema, one that matches their respective personality and preferences and hence have their own loyal fans, one different from the other. It is very rare for their films to have anything in common, but now that they have, it is a must for them to be compared, especially when both stars have praised each other's movie. Let's take a look.

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Sultan and Dangal both ruled the internet and social media during their promotions. While Sultan had the dramatic appeal in its trailer, Dangal had realism on point. Both posters and trailers were received well. Although the winner in terms of popularity can be easily found out looking at the views on the trailers, which is 44 million for Dangal and 35 million views for Sultan. 1 for Dangal! 


The storyline of both the films can be called "same same but different". Sultan is more of a love story and Dangal is anything but that whether it is love for wrestling, family drama or patriotism. Both films have their share of aspirations – Gold Medals, ups and downs, and wrestling. Dangal was based on a true story and Sultan was a work of fiction and imagination.


Salman and Aamir Khan both went through massive body transformation in the movie. Both stars were seen with a paunch and later in their chiselled avatars in the respective trailers. Anushka Sharma went through massive training to play Aarfa and similarly Fatima Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra to play Geeta and Babita. This can be a tie because all actors worked extremely hard for their respective roles.

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Both films start with local akhadas to many international tournaments. Sultan wins an Olympic gold medal and an Indian Wrestling League "Pro Take Down". In Dangal, Geeta Kumari Phogat and her sister Babita Kumari Phogat also start from local Dangals to International games. Geeta becomes the first Indian woman to win a Gold Medal in the Common Wealth Games. Babita on the other hand won a silver medal. It is up to you guys to decide who wins this round. Consider the fact that the latter is a true event.

Box Office Stats (India)
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Sultan broke records by earning a whopping INR 36.54 crore on the opening day and crossing INR 180 crore in its first weekend. The net collection exceeded more than INR 300 crore. Dangal on the other hand, had an opening of INR 29.78 crore, which turned into a total of more than INR 100 crore during the weekend. The net collection after the 11th day of the release for Dangal is INR 284.69 crore. Tough fight this one.
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There are differences and similarities but we all know, no matter what, we love both films.

Which film do you think will be the eventual winner at the box-office? Let us know in the comments below.