Virat Kohli most popularly known for his aggressive batting in the cricket world has come a long way in becoming one of the most successful sports stars in India. In the past, we have seen Bollywood make films based on the lives of cricketers. Films like Azhar and M.S Dhoni. Superstars like Emraan Hashmi and Sushant Singh Rajput featured in these films and did an incredible job. With the growing popularity and fan following, Virat fans would love to see a film being made on the life of this young and super talented cricket player who has won the hearts of many with his aggressive batting and calm thinking on the field.
So here are a few Bollywood stars who could play Virat Kohli in his biopic.

1) Shahid Kapoor

We have seen Shahid play different roles in the past. He can be sweet, funny and aggressive. Shahid can definitely play Virat Kohli if there is a biopic made in the future.

2) Emraan Hashmi

Emraan was seen playing the role of one of the best cricket players of India, Mohammad Azharuddin in his biopic Azhar. Emraan can again play Virat as he is one of the versatile actors that the industry has.

3) Varun Dhawan

Varun has the energy and the aggressiveness that would be needed to play Virat. We bet that he would do an incredible job if a Virat biopic is made.

4) Abhay Deol

To play Kohli in intense dramatic situations that happen behind the scenes, Abhay could be a suitable pick as well. He might have to change his physique a bit but apart from that, he can definitely do a great job.

5) Rajkummar Rao

We have seen him play the role of a common man often but not to forget the fact that he is an ace actor and can take up the challenge and meet expectations.

6) Sooraj Pancholi

How about Sooraj Pancholi as a pick for this role? He has a rugged, rakish look like Virat and if he grows his mustache and beard, he will even resemble the cricketer.

7) Ayushman Khurrana

One of the most loved actors of B-town, Ayushman has time and again proved that he is a powerhouse of talent. He definitely would be the right pick for this role.
Which actor do you think would be suitable to play Virat Kohli?