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Bollywood Films That’ll Inspire You To Save The Earth

We cannot escape the impact our actions have on the environment. Global warming has taken over our lives, tsunamis are striking our coastal areas, floods and droughts have had a major bearing on the availability of clean water, thus, affecting the production of crops and price of food. So, it is high time we, as guardians of the Earth, step up and do our bit to save the environment (and ourselves) from impending doom. Many movies have also attempted to warn us about this by showing us the effects of environmental disasters. Sure, they have been entertaining, but these movies have taught us a valuable lesson – do not take the Earth for granted!

Here’s a list of films that showed us the importance of saving the Earth, and respecting the forces of Nature:


Waqt earthquake - BookMyShow

An earthquake destroys the home and town of Lala Kedarnath, displacing his family. The movie depicts how a simple natural act of nature can turn your entire life around.

Mother India

Mother India floods - BookMyShow

The movie depicts how a storm that causes floods in a village, destroys its harvests. Starvation and disease plague the villagers, who have to take extreme measures to save their families.


A tsunami strikes the coast, destroying property and claiming lives in its wake. But its biggest boon was the destruction of the bio-weapon created for environmental harm.

Bhopal Express

Bhopal Express gas tragedy - BookMyShow

The movie is based on the Bhopal gas tragedy of 1984. The poison gas clouds released from the Union Carbide factory took several lives and impaired many others.


Jal drought - BookMyShow

The movie captures the severe drought in the Rann of Kutch. The story revolved around Bakka, who tries to find water in the desert amidst severe water scarcity.

Tum Mile

Tum Mile floods - BookMyShow

The movie is loosely based on the Maharashtra floods of 2005, which affected large areas of Mumbai. Spoiler alert: a guy is electrocuted when he falls in the water with an electric cable.

Kai Po Che

Govind loses all his money when an earthquake strikes his town, destroying his sports shop. To make matters worse, religion and politics intervene in the disaster relief operations, making his life more miserable.


The latest entry to the list is a love story. Mansoor (Sushant Singh Rajput) is love with a Hindu Brahmin girl (Sara Ali Khan) and her family is against their relationship. She angrily prays for a disaster, which is followed by a cloudburst, landslides, and floods. As they struggle for their lives, the pilgrim city of Kedarnath faces the wrath of nature.

Kedarnath releases on the 7th of December. Keep visiting this space for more on the movie and our review.