2020 Bollywood news

Bollywood News From 2020

Filling the voids in our lives and unleashing the entertainment value is the news, scoops and gossip from the world of glitz and glam. Looking at the year 2013, we have had enough to rave about; be it the fashion, the music, the films or the news that the celebs endorsed. What’s more is the moolah the films raked in. Breaking records, creating records or joining the 100 crore club, has been the aim of every film and the ultimate talk of B-town! Some films achieved great success, some didn’t. However, we got a lot to munch on which was enough to fill our “gossip” appetite.. or gossip-itite…

This year we saw break-ups and patch-ups, knots tied and vows broken, controversies created and controversies caressed. Fake news that showed a celeb getting married on a reality show, a celebrity couple out for a vacation on some island in an obscure part of the world, a celebrity claiming to be a vestal virgin and much more. Inferring from that, we have decided to go a step ahead. We take a detour to the future, to reflect on this year’s major scandals of tinsel town and its outcome in year 2020. Here’s a fun take on all the news, scoops and gossip of 2013!

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