May has drifted past us aimlessly and after wreaking havoc on our hair and skin, summers are finally retreating, which can mean only one thing. Monsoon is around the corner! It has rained in several parts of Mumbai and several others are waiting with bated breath for their turn. Bollywood has romanticized rains like no one’s business and boy, do they enjoy it! They have a full itinerary during rains with the following on their to-do list.

The wrath of the chiffon sarees


Right from Madhubala to Nargis to Raveena Tandon, we welcome the attack of chiffon sarees and gorgeous women dancing mirthfully on the screen. Sometimes they jump into the hero’s baahein when it thunders and other times, they seduce their heroes gracefully. They make the rains more beautiful and sensual, somehow.

Funerals, for some reason


Besides romance, Bollywood has associated rains with melancholy and what’s sadder than a funeral. Be it a lone pyre with the hero burning in badle ki aag or a gang of mohallewaalas dressed in white, many Bollywood funerals have been designed around the rains.

Dancing like nobody’s watching

What do dancers in Bollywood love more than dancing on the streets? Dancing in the rains on the street, of course. From Dil Toh Paagal Hai to Baaghi, dancing in the rain is not an opportunity to pass up. This is also a widely used vehicle to introduce the female lead (Sridevi in Chaalbaaz, Kajol in DDLJ, Ash in Guru).

Rains – the ultimate romantic machine


Need we say more? Countless on-screen couples have shared kisses and hugs in the romantic setting in the rains. While kissing in the rain IRL is a logistical nightmare and people with glasses are not even allowed to dream about this, the actors make it look so desirable.

Heartbreaks are best dealt with in the rains

In the spirit of the aforementioned melancholy, a tough character can only let themselves cry in the rains. The rains somehow bring out the actor’s inner turmoil and make the whole thing even more heartbreaking. Anjali (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) is our favorite ugly-crying-in-the-rain moment.

Seasons are a testimony that change is the only constant. Nothing lasts forever and this shall pass too. Hang in there and be safe, guys.

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