When Bollywood Tried Its Hand At Animation

Animation is a genre that caters specifically to children though many adults, too, swear by their love for anime. However, these fascinating creatures, places and landscapes that we find moving on the screen need a lot of technological and creative brilliance. Hollywood no doubt has an upper hand when it comes to this genre as compared to our own Bollywood standards.

Think Ice Age and Despicable Me, and there you enter the world of amazing adventures. There is no near date for Bollywood to beat that bar set by Hollywood. 

Also, the fact that Hollywood movies have a loyal audience makes the directors invest money in big budget animation with little risk. But, In India, producers and directors are reluctant to put in so much of money as success is not always guaranteed.

However, there have been attempts at making such films in our country and more or less, most of them were decent enough for a one time watch. Take a look at the following list of popular animated films made in India.

Hanuman (2005)
Director V.G. Samant did not sign popular actors for voicing the film’s characters. However, this is one of the few Indian animated films that turned out to be a hit at the box-office. The film is a wonderful portrayal of one of India`s most heard stories i.e. the story of Hanuman and his exploits since birth till the time he was bestowed with the boon of immortality by Rama the God.

Roadside Romeo (2008)
Produced under the Yash Raj banner, Roadside Romeo was appreciated for its animation quality but the film’s plot did not impress much. With big brand actors like Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor giving the voice overs for the titular characters, the film did manage to grab eyeballs.

Mahabharata (2013)
Made at a staggering budget of INR 50 crore by director Amaan Khan, the film suffered at the box-office. This was clearly a sign for directors to level up their animation standards as they realised they can’t fool the audience with mediocre work.

Delhi Safari (2012)
This computer-animated comedy won the 60th National Film Award for Best Animated Film. This makes this film a must in the list of all those who swear by animation. It is a tale of five animals on their journey from Mumbai to Delhi.

Toonpur Ka Superhero (2010)
India’s first attempt at live action animation certainly needs more eyeballs. Toonpur Ka Superhero narrates the adventures of a real-life action hero who is kidnapped by the residents of the land of cartoons i.e. Toonpur.

We wish our directors make some more daring attempts to surprise us with their skills at animated movies in the years to come.