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Bollywood’s Swankiest Vanity Vans

Most of us envy celebrities’ luxurious houses and their lifestyles, but if you come to think of it, they rarely have the time to relax and enjoy their lavish abodes. Their work calls for them to always be on the run and still looking glam round the clock. That is the reason why they need their homes on wheels; where they spend most of their time in between shots to take breathers. Vanity vans are like homes away from homes for film stars. And because our Bollywood stars would never want to settle for anything other than the best, we bring you 7 of the most extravagant vanity vans of B-town.

Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood’s Swankiest Vanity Vans- BookMyShow

When you are the Baadshah of Bollywood, it is pretty obvious your van would be palatial. SRK has always trusted DC (Dilip Chhabria), a genius in car designing for his automobile woes. DC Design has previously conceptualized King Khan’s vanity vans and just a year back, SRK asked DC to revamp the ‘Shah Rukh Khan Workspace’ as christened by industry insiders.Bollywood’s Swankiest Vanity Vans- BookMyShow

Probably swankier than your average 2BHK, the bus cost Khan a whopping Rs 4 crores. The 280- square feet giant boasts of a meeting room, bedroom, toilet, a make-up/changing room and the provision to add yet another room with the magic of hydraulics. Woah!!

Ajay Devgn

Bollywood’s Swankiest Vanity Vans- BookMyShow

Ajay is known to be an automobile freak. The man loves his cars and takes personal interest in customizing each one of them. So it is no surprise that his vanity van would be extraordinary. His vanity van has a rather unusual shape and has 4 rooms.

Bollywood’s Swankiest Vanity Vans- BookMyShow

Conceptualized by a Gujarat-based designer, the actor loved the idea of having a compact kitchenette, as he prefers eating home-cooked meals made by his cook. The upscale van boasts of a fully equipped gym, since Ajay hates missing out on his work-out sessions during outdoor schedules. Rumour has it that this on-the-wheels gym is one of the best mobile gyms out there.

Alia Bhatt

Bollywood’s Swankiest Vanity Vans- BookMyShow

The Bhatt heiress recently gifted herself a luxurious residence and the bubbly actress has ensured that it had a bubbly and chirpy vibe to it. The same applies to her van. Unlike other actors who prefer playing around with premium interiors in black and white, Alia’s vanity van is colourful and cute. One look at it and you know it belongs to a young and pretty lass like Alia.

Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood’s Swankiest Vanity Vans- BookMyShow

Although PeeCee is busy making her name in Hollywood, her vanity van has been her travel buddy since the start of her career. The interiors scream ‘For the love of music’, since the successful actress loves singing and everything about music.

She has been heard saying that the music system in her van is one of the most loved accessories of her van.

Salman Khan

Bollywood’s Swankiest Vanity Vans- BookMyShow

Bollywood’s Swankiest Vanity Vans- BookMyShow

Bhai’s van is gigantic and is said to be one of the most stylish vans in Bolly-land. It boasts of a spacious rehearsal room where he reads and practices his scripts. It is also supposed to be equipped with all the hi-tech gadgets since Salman is a total gadget-freak.

Hrithik Roshan

Bollywood’s Swankiest Vanity Vans-BookMyShow

The Greek God, as some call him, has his vanity van looking as gorgeous as him. The blue lighting with white interiors look absolutely stunning. The futuristic vibe has a very groovy edge to it.

Bollywood’s Swankiest Vanity Vans- BookMyShow

The Roshan scion loves looking at himself in the mirror (And who wouldn’t with a face like that?). No wonder he has a twin make-up section with electronically activated mirrors with a 280-degree sweep.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Bollywood’s Swankiest Vanity Vans- BookMyShow

The Begum is said to own one of costliest vans in Bollywood, and why not? When you are required to look like a diva all round the year, you need a vanity van which possesses all your ‘vanity requirements’.

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