Bollywood’s top 6 scariest films that will creep you out!

Thrilling, spine-chilling and downright frightening is what we expect a good horror film to be. However, as far as Hindi film industry is concerned, it is yet to reach the mark where horror flicks (produced by them) would be successful in scaring the sh#t out of people. Many filmmakers in Bollywood have tried to explore the genre, but failed miserably. All thanks to Hollywood. With horror junkies in India feeding on international thrillers, the expectations are indeed sky high.

However, there are a few horror flicks in Bollywood that did manage to instill a good scare. Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of Bollywood’s top 6 scariest films till date that will definitely send chills down your spine.

So, give those firangi spirits a miss this weekend and catch these horror films if you haven’t:

Veerana (1988)

If Hollywood had Hitchcock, Bollywood had Ramsay! Veerana is one the cult classic films that continue to remain a favorite even today.

Raat (1992)

A cult classic, Raat is a perfect blend of mystery and horror. Watch it for Revathi’s brilliant performance as Mini.

Raaz (2002)

A love story, a tainted past and one vengeful spirit! Vikram Bhatt’s horror thriller created a perfect ambiance with its petrifying background score. Moreover, the thrilling climax would definitely push you to the edge-of-the-seat.


Bhoot (2003)

Urmila Matondkar surprised the masses with her breathtaking role in this supernatural thriller. Bhoot is by far one of the best horror films to have ever graced the screen. If not the others, definitely catch this one on priority!

1920 (2008)

Who would have thought the cute and peppy Adah Sharma could creep the hell out of us! Seriously, the actress nailed it with her brilliant performance. A special mention to the direction and sound that was successful in creating the befitting spook element.

Ragini MMS (2011)

A frightful tale of a couple who find themselves in a house, possessed by a vengeful spirit. Daunting and unconventional, Ragini MMS promises some spine-chilling moments that will continue to haunt you for days.


There you go, some of the scariest movies till date in Bollywood.

Watch at your own risk.

(PS: We Dare You!)

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