Boss’s epic dialogues

Bringing in real action teamed with his clean-shaven look and a rugged hair-do, a Punjabi lad with a non-filmy background, Rajiv Bhatia, rose to power as the Khiladi of Bollywood. Rechristened as Akshay Kumar, he fought the odds and became the Indian Jackie Chan. For his proficiency in acting and his prowess of martial arts, he is helmed as the Khiladi Kumar of the Hindi film industry. His simple looks and amicable personality has made him the only non-Khan amongst the “superstar” Khan-daan.

Having a Khiladi franchise singing its lore, Kumar now wears the garb of Boss, yet another action-comedy which will become synonymous to Kumar’s effortless expertise in charming the audience. Alluring, alone is not his stance, but also his priceless expressions, time after time, that make the whimsical characters he portrays larger-than-life. These characters are closer to reality and yet, unusual. Be it the raspy-voiced Don from Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai Dobaara or the quintessentially divine Krishna Vasudev Yadav from OMG – Oh My God, Kumar remains realistic and convincing; critical traits responsible for making an actor. He isn’t amongst actors for whom dialogues tantamount their personality, but there is something that’s enthralling in the way he delivers his dialogues. Being the first Indian actor to start the trend of a franchise – sequels and remakes, what Akshay gives us is a touch of reality with a mix of entertainment & comedy.
Here are a few of his epic dialogues which makes Akshay Kumar a magician of our times:
Namastey London
A simple and sweet speech which brings the arrogant angrez back to reality tops the list. There is nothing that can beat this. Bifurcating the English language, Arjun (Akshay Kumar) shows the significance of an Indian and India in the materialistic world of the time. Thereby, establishing love for himself not only in the heart of his lady love, Jasmeet (Katrina Kaif), but also in the hearts of millions who greet this speech with deafening applause while munching on the popcorn and enjoying the film in the theaters. The speech leaves an equal impact even if you watch it in the warmth and comfort of your den.

OMG – Oh My God!
As versatile as he is in carrying the load of an action-comedy, he became equally revered for his effortless drama with this satirical-comedy. The film challenged God, a concept never seen before or heard. When Kumar decided to produce the film under his home banner, he met with a number of negative comments which said that such a film wouldn’t sell in a religious market like India. But his instinct paid off and the film proved to be an eye-opener.

The film was one-of-its-kind where a man is sexually-abused by his female boss. Again making us believe the unbelievable; Kumar reigns the screen when he explains the eternal love in the relationship of a husband and a wife. “Pyaar, pyaar hota hai… jis mein vishwas hota hai, passion hota hai, wafaa hoti hai… aur yeh woh wafaa hai joh aadmi ko bewafaa nahi hone deti…”

Singh is Kinng
This one came as a slap to those who hailed themselves as the King. Although the film didn’t do well at the box office owing to the unrealistic situation, yet the asal king ki paribhasha became a timeless hit. The film came under the controversy radar because a few hailed it as a rebuke to the Sikh community but millions were pleased with the portrayal of the Sikhs.

Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai Dobara
International Khiladi was the first time where Akshay Kumar made the audience fall in love with an international don and with OUATIMD he did it again. The story of the film was plain but the dialogues gleamed throughout. The dialogues became a crowd-puller and to add to that there was Akki’s style which made the film immensely popular. Shoaib’s mannerisms were soon reflected in the youth and the dialogues were often recited like a holy verse.

Films like OUTAIMD, Rowdy Rathore, Khiladi 786 gain popularity for the dishoom-dishoom and the dialoguebaazi but it rests on the shoulders of an actor to make us believe in the words that he utters and Akki does that with much panache. Boss, too, shall have the surreal elements of a Bollywood masala flick and will reign the Cinema halls starting October 16. We wish our Bollywood Boss oodles of success. 

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