2018 is off to a flying start for Bollywood, courtesy one Padmaavat. The film, after 10 days of release, has easily crossed the 200 crore mark. And its superb run is all set to continue, despite another big film, Padman, releasing this week.


Padmaavat has grossed Rs. 209 crores (approx) in its first 9 days. It is an extremely good number, and the film is a bonafide superhit. However, this is in stark contrast to the other films that have released in January 2018. Both Kaalakandi and Mukkabaaz failed to light up the box office, despite positive reviews and good word of mouth.


Perhaps the biggest surprise is the complete and utter failure of Kaalakandi. Despite having a fairly recognisable name in Saif Ali Khan, and having Delhi Belly-ish dark humor, the film has been a complete washout. It only managed to gross 7.5 crores during its run. However, it might recoup some of its losses by selling digital rights.


Mukkabaaz could also not perform as per potential. It grossed 10 crores at the box office throughout its run. 1921 was the best of this lot, as it made approximately 15 crores, but even that can’t be called a success.

The other releases of January- Vodka Diaries, My Birthday Song, and Nirdosh have not made any noise either.

Let’s hope Padman becomes a success, and this year gets two blockbusters to write home about.

Stats Source- Box Office India