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Chutney: Short Film Review

Chutney is the kind of short film that will leave you wanting more. With this dark and intriguing short film, Tisca Chopra has marked her debut as a producer.

The story starts with a party where a few females are gossiping and an almost unrecognizable Tisca Chopra enters the scene. She gathers a hint that her husband (played by Adil Hussain) is cheating on her and invites his girlfriend (played by Rasika Duggal), a rather newly wedded female, to her place. When Rasika comes to her place she is served soft drinks, pakodas, chutney and a story.

Chutney - BookMyShow

The director has tried to keep the situation real on screen in every way possible. The real-life references may make you cringe and adopt self-help for the rest of your life, but the time spent watching the film will be worth it. The film takes the situation very simply to an end that you'd least expect.

The short film stars actors like Adil Hussain and Rasika Duggal but the one who takes the cake here is Tisca Chopra, underneath her fake teeth and frumpy looks. She plays a submissive and quiet wife from Ghaziabad. Thinking of Tisca Chopra as one of the writers of this script makes her job even more commendable.

The subtle script has you well aware of a drastic twist coming your way but does not give away enough for you to predict it.

This 15-minute short film will take a lot more time to sink in to your senses. Watch the film here: