Dil Ne Dastarkhan Bichaya, Daawat-e-Ishq Hai!

She is known for her bubbly nature and uber-cute looks; he gained the title of the new-age Devdas, by his much-appreciated performance in his previous film. She became an actress by chance, and he, well, was an established VeeJay before films happened to him. You must have gauged by now who the two actors are. Indeed, they are Parineeti Chopra and Aditya Roy Kapur. Much like their real lives, their first film together also speaks about two individuals from different backgrounds, who come together by a twist of destiny and the love for food.
Meet Gulrez, the feisty girl from Hyderabad, and Tariq, the dil-phainkh aashiq-cum-chef, from Lucknow. From two cities well-renowned for their food, especially the two cuisines, Awadhi and Hyderabadi Ghizayat respectively, there is a lot to look forward to apart from the ishkiyan in Daawat-e-Ishq.   
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With a fine introduction of the lead protagonists of the film, director Habib Faisal goes on to show how the two meet and possibly, separate. While some may argue that there are elements of a certain Shakespearean tragedy by the first-look at the trailer, it makes us wonder if anyone’s complaining. In a land rich with diverse cultures, a love story blended with lots of food and vibrance is the perfect recipe.
Gulrez awaits her Mr. Universe as she undergoes various levels of scrutiny from her prospective grooms and their families, and makes her point to her father, played by Anupam Kher, clear. She is a modern woman who knows what she wants, yet awaits the man who can sweep her off her feet. What remains to be seen is if that man will be Tariq.
At the press conference held in Mumbai yesterday, the lead protagonists of the film were happy to meet the media and answer their questions. They spoke about working together, adventures on the set, what they found the most-taxing and how their experience was working with a critically-acclaimed director like Habib Faisal (also writer of the film). The best part of it all was the comfort with which the onscreen couple spoke in each other’s company. Parineeti also gave hints on how she may sing for some film of hers and follow her contemporaries, Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor. Acting – check, screen presence – check, singing prowess – awaited. As for Aditya, he sure is getting better with time, and the best is probably yet to come.
What we also expect in the film are some lyrically and musically sound songs, some punchy dialogues and some fabulous shots. Having given films like Do Dooni Chaar and Ishaqzaade, you know what to expect from Daawat-e-Ishq as it gets ready for release on September 5. 
Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think. Until then, eat, drink, and watch movies!   

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