Deepika Padukone slams misogynistic “compliment”

Deepika Padukone made headlines all weekend. Though most of those were praising her charming performance in Finding Fanny, there were others that weren’t so pleasant.

A leading newspaper made waves for talking about Deepika Padukone‘s "cleavage show". This was accompanied by pictures and a statement about how the actress wins people over with her dressing sense. Seems infuriating to you? You’re not alone.

Lakhs of people have joined in with the #IStandWithDeepikaPadukone movement, a trend that started once the actress called out the publication for their inappropriate remarks. The actress, who posted a screenshot of the news story, didn’t shy away from pointing out the newspaper’s hypocrisy either.

Deepika’s tweets, combined with the outrage on social media, prompted the publication to quickly take the story off their website. What’s more? They tweeted to the actress, telling her that it was merely their way of paying a compliment. However, anyone who read the story (or saw the tweet, for that matter) knows that "cleavage show" didn’t have much of a positive connotation.

Unfortunately for the newspaper, this tweet further fuelled the fire. Celebrities and fans alike took to social media to voice their indignation at this hypocrisy:

Meanwhile, others had hilarious, yet equally effective takes on the subject too:

As if we weren’t already die-hard fans of Deepika, her standing up to this has made us love her even more. More power to you, Deepika!

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