Last year, I came across an online article which spoke about Majid Majidi finally making a movie about India using homegrown talent. While the headlines were dominated by Deepika Padukone‘s association with the project, the actual movie had me sit back and notice the brilliance of the debutant – Ishaan Khatter.

Later on, we found out that Karan Johar had agreed to remake Sairat for the Hindi film industry and this remake would also launch two starkids – Janhvi and Ishaan. People were skeptical about a huge production house’s treatment of the rather grounded-in-reality original.

Now that we finally have Dhadak hitting the theatres, we can now judge these starkids on merit rather than the families they were born in. And to Ishaan’s credit, he seems like the next big star in Bollywood.

The Iranian filmmaker, often considered as one of the greatest living directors, had to perform a fine balancing act between the slums and the high rises of Mumbai in Beyond The Clouds and casting Ishaan had played a pivotal role in the narrative.


Ishaan wasn’t just good in the movie, there’s a sense of sincerity about him. Even though he’s obviously a starkid, he seems to have spent more time attending acting workshops than lifting weights in the gym. Every time Ishaan comes on the big screen, he seems like a guy who’s trying hard to do what most actors in the industry seem to have forgotten – acting.

In Dhadak, Ishaan makes his Bollywood debut and with all the talk about nepotism in the industry, his performance was all setup to be scrutinised way more than usual. He brings his A game from the very start.

His portrayal of Madhukar works well because of his boyish charm and innocence of the character. Throughout the course of the movie, this innocence fades away and this is where Ishaan’s acting chops steal the show.

I know this might seem very early but we’re looking forward to more from Ishaan. This guy is going to be one of the finest talents in the industry.

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