Ever since the first look of Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter’s debut film, Dhadak, launched last November, all eyes have been on these two star-kids. Today, as the trailer was dropped, we couldn’t help but analyze it a little more.


The buzz that the makers of the movie have managed to get can put any regional movie promotions to shame. For this, we must applaud the men and women behind its making. But can his buzz replace the raw, gutsy story from which the film is inspired? Can a glamourous hype around a story that promises the audience unfiltered emotion, help the film in its favor? 20th July is when the world will find out.

According to the filmmakers, Dhadak is inspired by a 2016 mega blockbuster Marathi movie Sairat. However, critics say that if the first look of the film is anything to go by, the sole aim of the Dhadak crew is to prove how different it can get from Sairat!

Critics Speak:

Providing feel-good-entertainment has been the motto of big Bollywood producers. Has Dhadak already fallen into the basket of those films?

Made on a relatively smaller scale, Sairat was the love story of a Maratha girl from a powerful family and a boy from a fisherman’s family. Debutants Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar were natural and unrefined in their performances and wore their characters as their own personalities. Dhadak, on the other hand, is set in Rajasthan, India’s land of grand palaces and fancy history. The bigger question however is,  do the star-kids appear to be acting their roles or living their roles? Has Karan Johar’s need to give the Hindi remake a ‘lighter treatment’ to the movie made it unimpressive? Do we see Dhadak as a tale of upmarket Romeo-Juliet rather than that of a love story like Sairat?

Cast & Story:

While Sairat was a love story centered around the caste issue, critics argue that Dhadak seems like a love story where casteism is just another minor hurdle that needs to be overtaken.

Although Ishaan Khatter comes across as a natural on screen, what is left to yet be discovered is if Janhvi Kapoor’s character is as bold and fearless as Archie’s in Sairat.


While the fresh pairing on screen is a treat to the sore eyes and the rustic charm of the setting a welcome change, will this Bollywood film by a glam producer do justice to the gritty National Award-winning film by an equally non-glitzy man?

For now, we can just bounce off these questions into the universe before we all find out when the film releases. For now, tune into the trailer below and enjoy it!