Coming from an affluent Bollywood family and having a legacy to carry forward, Sunny Deol plunged into the world of Hindi cinema. Even before the deep, baritone voice of the various dons came to be termed as sexy and bold, Sunny had hallmarked the action flicks with his signature tone of voice. Be it his macho stance, quirky dance or sharp dialogues, Sunny had created a massive fan-following for himself with his just and even-handed roles. Those who believed that Sunny was too good to be a romantic hero, they were wronged as soon as we saw the fire-emitting dragon turn into jelly at the sight of his heroines in the films like “Betaab”, “Jeet”, “Imtihaan”. Who can forget the immensely beautiful song ‘Iss tarah aashiqui ka asar…’ from the film Imtihaan? There is no denying that we all did fall in love with Sunny paaji’s character.

With the streaks of Garam Dharam in him, Sunny earned a name for himself, and was called as the ‘Action king of Bollywood’. Even after 2 decades, he continues to set the villains ablaze. While this daring Deol gears up for the release of his next action-flick, “Singh Saab The Great”, we dig into the past and bring out Sunny’s best dialogues so far.
Yeh mazdoor ka hath hai

After a heated fight with Katya’s men, Sunny refuses to work with a criminal on being offered a job. This man who stands up for the common man, delivers a mindblowing dialogue which are often always followed with an applause from the audience.
Dhai kilo ka haath

There’s hardly any movie-buff who hasn’t heard this dialogue or associated it with Sunny Deol. Sunny owes his existence as an action icon to this dialogue. Damini earned ample accolades and awards and Sunny earned an image that has been carved in the history of Indian cinema.
Tareeq pe tareeq

Another one from the film Damini, where the enraged Govind’s speech in the court of law brings to light the laidback attitude of the lawmakers.
Jhak maarti hai police

Sunny Deol often used local slang in his dialogues, although the dialogue writers should be given the sole credit for that. Yet, this hero was often a common man who would rise against the powerful to restore peace in the society.
Hindustan Zindabad Tha, Zindabad Hai aur Zindabad Rahega

Gadar is the second-highest grossing film in the history of Indian cinema. In this historical love-saga, patriotism is invoked and the feeling was revived with just one dialogue, “Humara Hindustan zindabad tha, zindabad hai, aur zindabad rahega!”
Zindagi aur maut

While playing the quintessential Army officer, Major Kuldip Singh Chandpuri, what attracts us the most about this character is the zeal and enthusiasm of a true leader. His character’s love for his Nation is evident in this act.
Inn haathon ne sirf hathiyar chode hai

A girl who changes a goon to a man. He starts living a life of a respected man but his past won’t let the lovers unite. He comes to take her away but for her sick father’s sake, Kajal denies her love and that’s when a crazy lover in him rises. This one from Jeet is especially heartwarming.
With a promising trailer of Singh Saab The Great, refreshing the old time memories of this action king, we are presented with yet another dialogue which will find an entry in the book of dialogues of every Hindi movie-buff.
“Bali hamesha bakre ki di jaati hai… sher ki nahi”

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